Venezuela’s Power Crisis

Venezuela is facing electricity shortages for what they indicate is due to the impact of El Niño the cyclical storm that throws strange weather patterns into effect throughout south and North America. Since Venezeula gets approximately 75% of its energy from hydroelectric plants, changes in the weather due to a storm like El Nino has led to the dams not having sufficient power, and the nation’s electrical circuit suffering as a result.
While Venezuela has energy problems at home, they also have the largest proven reserve of oil in the world which according to Osio they primarily export rather than use themselves. The decline in the oil prices are leading to a budget crisis that is looming larger on the economic front than any storm system.

The country has tried to curb the use of power by recommending that the citizens reduce the amount of electricity that they use and by having the power shut off for a mandatory four hour period each day. This has not been enough and the country is experiencing blackouts in the country for the next 40 days.

A government official, Luis Motta Domnguez, who serves as the electricity minister, has indicated on his page that the blackouts will be relaxed if the storm declines, but may continue beyond the next forty days if it doesn’t. Regardless, the crisis of the country has put a black eye on President Nicolas Maduro, who even experienced a power outage while giving a speech last month.