New York City Is Shattering Records In The Real Estate Market

The New York Times recently published an article highlighting the real estate situation in New York City, specifically the increasing property values and the high sale prices for finer pieces of property in the city. The article lists several examples, which illustrate the rising values of real estate in the world’s largest city. A skyscraper penthouse in the Midtown area of the city known for housing billionaires and their investments closed at a sale price exceeding $100 million, and it was the centerpiece for Extell Development. A condo facing Central Park closed at an incredible price as well, and it had almost reached a sale close to the nine-figure mark. Manhattan, an area famous for its upscale and desirable properties, was also setting records in 2015 for its co-op properties, condos and townhouses. The popularity of Brooklyn is also on the rise. More people are wanting to live in Brooklyn due to its rising desirability, and there was a record setting sale for a home in Cobble Hill.

The city is setting records for sales all over its many neighborhoods, and properties are being purchased and developed by a host of wealthy people who all have a net worth in the billions. The article listed a host of other properties and developments, which were closing at astronomical and record sale prices in 2015. Real estate experts are predicting the trend of huge sale prices to continue. The experts are also forecasting even more sale prices to continue to break records in 2016 and the years to come with the influx of billionaires coming into New York City to purchase and invest in property developments and the real estate companies developing and brokering the huge deals like Town Residential. Billionaires are not the only people buying, selling and investing in the development of real estate in the city. A host of celebrities have joined in the booming real estate market of New York City too.

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