New York Real Estate Owners Enjoying High Sales Volumes

Town Residential is New York’s top luxury real estate services firm. Whether a buyer prefers a residence on the Upper East Side or Midtown, Town Residential has property in preferred New York neighborhoods. Established in 2010, the company has grown handling gorgeous residential facilities under the guidance of Andrew Heiberger. As co –founder Andrew Heiberger has scored a winning marketing strategy.

The demand for New York luxury real estate from Town (Reported in the Real Deal) is soaring with a rise in sales and per square foot pricing. Apartment homes are selling fast and Town Residential is sitting in the midst of this growing industry. New York is and has always attracted the interest of the world and luxury housing is rising in sales. While the world continues to “beat a path to the door” of this world classed city. Both commercial and residential properties are seeing tremendous increase in demand, adding up to financial prosperity.

Town Residential’ sales staff is highly professional with a collective knowledge of the industry. This makes a quality team for assisting potential leaser’s and buyers, with locations in SoHo, West Village, Gramarcy Park, the financial district and others in the New York area. Potential residents have valuable options to choose from when serviced by this firm. Town Residential has developments in prime locations. Access to the best in community facilities in New York is available to those leasing or purchasing property from this conglomerate.

Locations are sophisticated and within easy reach of stores, restaurants and other venues. Some of New York’s most recognized landmarks are only steps away from many Town Residential locations. The landscapes surrounding Town Residential locations are historical and inviting to the eye. Since many prominent citizens frequented areas in the past, this company’s luxury residences are in high demand.

In the beginning days of November one Company sold at least seventy luxury residences. These retailed for over four million dollars each, multiplied seventy times adds up to a tidy sum for any business. This prosperity may bring in other investors hoping to capitalize on the increasing demand for New York real estate.