Solo Capital and Sanjay Shah

A company that has taken London, England and the United Kingdom by surprise is called Solo Capital. Solo Capital is an investment firm that was founded and is owned by Sanjay Shah. The corporate office is actually located in the United Kingdom but there are offices in Dubai as well. Sanjay Shah founded the company in September 2011 after deciding that he was going to quit his accounting job and start his own brokerage business. They have several specialties that are solely concentrate on. They are proprietary trading, consulting and profession sports consulting. Sanjay Shah originally planned to give the business a solid year of hard work and dedication to give it a chance of thriving. After five years the company is now a million dollar business that has over 39 offices surrounding the area. Solo Group Holdings is owned and founded by Sanjay Shah as well, and they are responsible for controlling the operations of Solo Capital Partners. Sanjay Shah is also the owner of Aesa S.a.r.l and they are known to be the ones that control the Solo Group Holdings. The inter-linked companies are related through the business system Sanjay Shah has created. Not only does Sanjay Shah have a successful operating investment firm, he owns over 36 business throughout the country. He is definitely a successful business man with a solid net worth of $280 million. He has been very busy since he’s started Solo Capital, as well as before opening Solo Capital. In 2014 he decided to take over the Old Park Lane Capital. It is named as an invitation only stockbroker business that aims towards natural resources. His successful offices in London and Dubai have helped him to be able to retire as he continues on with his other pursued businesses and passions.

Shah was a med student while he attended King’s College. After deciding he didn’t want to become a doctor he turned his career to accounting, and that is how he’s laid the foundation for the business structures he has today. He is actually from Kenya and migrated to Central London with his family to pursue his dreams.

His recent passion has been involved with a charity that he has founded called Autism Rocks. It is an invite only concert that is used to raise awareness and donations for autism. He sat down with his friend Snoop Dogg over a cup of tea, and as they started talking he realized that he wanted to get back into the music industry. He has staged many gigs with some pretty big music artists to help aid in donations and raise awareness. There is no cure for autism, but he hopes that someday they can better understand the condition.