CCMP Capital Looses One of Its Longest Serving President, Steve Murray

CCMP Capital is an equity investment company that is quite popular in the United States. The company is headquartered in the New York City. Just like any other company, CCMP Capital started as a small company. It was actually a partnership between two families. At the start of the partnership, the institution was known as JP Morgan Partners.

After several years of operating as a partnership, the company managed to grow, but the partners decided to go their separate ways. In the year 2006, the original partners of the institution, JP Morgan Chase decided to break and go separately. CCMP Capital managed to do very well after the separation, and it has expanded so much opening more offices in different areas in the world. Since it was formed, CCMP Capital reports having used a lot of money in the form of transactions. The company reports to have more than twelve billion dollars in the transactions it has performed since the start of the institution.

CCMP Capital is managed by a group of qualified individuals and staff from different parts of the world. These employees work together as a team, and they have played a major role in the growth of the company. At the start, the organization had only one office that was found in the New York City. Today, the company has grown a lot, and it has open many branches in different parts of the world. Some of these companies are found in Hong Kong, Tokyo and London.

Since 2007, the company has been making several changes in the top management. In the year 2008, the top position of the CEO was given to Steve Murray, one of the founding members of the institution. Before him, Jeff Walker was the president of the institution. The chairperson position was given to Greg Brennenmen. Before these appointments, all these gentlemen were working for CCMP Capital, and they were chosen because they had a lot of knowledge in each and every detail of the company.

Steve Murray worked some time, but he left office to go for some medical checkups. His health deteriorated, and at the age of 52 years, he passed away according to fortune. The company was saddened by the loss, because according to them, they had lost an important part of the organization, and it would be difficult to get someone who would replace him and take responsibilities and duties better than he did.

The chairperson of the company, Greg Brennenmen took over the management of the company after the death of Steve Murray, but many experts in the field say that the task will be quite difficult for him. Most of the clients believe that the company might experience tough times because of the current situation.