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In everyday life, we all want to feel as safe as we possibly can. We can feel good that Securus Technologies is leading the public safety field, and they are always creating new techniques and technologies to keep the public safe. Since their clients deal with correction facilities all across the nation, they are looked up to in the field because of what they can do. They have the ability to work with other types of businesses also.


One of their biggest clients is the US government. They are contracted by them to deal with over a million prisoners every year. They utilize videos, interviews and interviews to keep everyone safer. The videos help in many different ways.


The company wanted the public to know just how much their work means to their clients. They received numerous comments and reviews. They compiled all of them into an article that they published. This way the public can see how well their clients are doing after they utilized their technologies.


Another way Securus Technologies showed the public what they can do was that they invited them to the company location in TX. After arriving, the people enjoyed a presentation so that they could see what the company was working on. They also enjoyed a question and answer session.


This company is working tirelessly on new innovations to keep the public safe. With a dedicated staff that is highly driven, they will continue to keep their lead in the field well into the future and beyond.


The New THREADS 3.1 is launched by Securus Technologies.

Securus Technologies an innovative firm that provides solutions to crime and justice organizations. The major clients of the company are based in the northern region of America, and they include over 3400 behavior improvement institutions that accommodate roughly 1.2 million people. Securus Technologies’ physical headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas. Programs designed by the company serve purposes such as information monitoring, investigation, communication, biometric examination, self-service for inmates, emergency response, and incident control. The company is focused on providing it clients with excellent standards of software technology and therefore, it produces the best types of technological solutions that are available in the market. The aim of the company of being the most entrusted and reliable on the market is made possible by its designers, engineers, and technologists. The firm offers the best quality of customer service in the inmate communication sector.
The release of the new THREADS 3.1 upgraded version was recently announced by Securus Technologies. The new version is an all-embracing and superior “Big Data” examination tool, which cannot be compared to other similar applications in the inmate communication industry. The program was created from the initial Investigative Solutions software. It makes it easy for the operator to access an upgraded interface that will enable him or her to utilize the internet’s newest technologies, while still upholding the traditional superb analytical tool, which is familiar to the customers.

The newly launched version of the Securus software is user-friendly since it is easy to understand and performs better than the previous one. Kelly Solid, who is the company’s Business Management General Manager, stated that the THREADS 3.1 interface is efficient since all unnecessary functions have been removed to make navigation easy, and it has a new feature that enables operators to search for what they need.

The operation platform of THREADS 3.1 is upgraded from the regular Silverlight to HTML 5, which performs better and makes it possible to integrate with other solutions from the company such as the Secure Call Platform. It also provides a practical instrument for investigators to use in their activities. The development of the program was done to make it easy to use and therefore, one does not require to be trained to use it.

THREADS 3.1 has other new features, which include controlled real-time analysis, personalized mapping and printing, information-sensitive reports, and listening to SCP calls. Securus Technologies’ THREADS is the leading investigative solution for distinguishing and reporting doubtful inmate communication patterns, correlations, and associations.

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