Soros Leads the Fight to Restore Hope Among Hispanics


In what appears to bite back at a barking Donald Trump, liberal donors have pledged a $15 million commitment to mobilize Latinos as well as the rest of immigrants. In an article that appeared in the New York Times, George Soros and the other prominent donors hope to channel outrage at the political rhetoric of Trump and co. into a surge for November’s Democratic candidate.

This year’s polls appear to be constantly pulling first ones of all sorts. Among the ruthlessly broken of records is the amounts being spent. The $15 million spending will be largest Democratic voter-turnout effort ever, exclusively devoted to Latino and immigrant voters. If the impact will be proportional, the campaign is expected to pull the highest number of mostly Latino voters to Democrat side. The biggest beneficiary in this is expected to be Senator Bernie Sanders who is believed to hold the esteem of Hispanic and other immigrant voters.

The strong campaign is unfolding at a time when political statements have divided the American population into working-class whites versus immigrants. The working-class white brigade is being led by Trump while Sanders appearing to warm up for taking up the role of leading the Hispanic and other immigrants. While working-class whites are pushing for an end in illegal immigration, an alternative voice needs to be oiled to advocate for rights of immigrants.

George Soros is the single biggest contributor in the campaign, pledging to contribute a whopping $5 million to the super PAC. Soros is known to shake the political landscape where he always leaves a mark. Although he did not succeed to unseat President George W. Bush when he helped organize a failed $200 million voter-mobilization campaign, he caused a far reaching stir.

Soros believes in an open society for all. For this he founded, and is since the chairman of Open Society whose presence is felt in more than 100 countries around the world. A Hungary native himself, Soros has helped shape the politics of the United States by educating and organizing immigrants. He had a hand in helping end apartheid in South Africa, undermined communism in the Eastern Bloc, brought the Roma people of Europe into the mainstream and most importantly helped establish an international system of natural resources audit on extraction industries.

The beauty in Soros help to shape the United States politics, is in transparency over his source of cash. He has had far reaching success in the financial markets, something that gives him a higher hand over controversial issues. Soros stand in this year’s polls cannot be taken for granted.