The Importance Of Music For Events

If there is one thing that the vast majority of parties and events have in common is that there is typically music involved. When it comes to planning events, one of the different aspects of the event that has to be figured out is the music. Not too long ago, people had to make sure that they had a DJ that could provide the music to keep people entertained. While in most cases, the DJ only has to play the music, there are certain times when there is the need for a more creative DJ in order to provide the mixing.

Now, all one needs to do is to set up a playlist. It is easy to set something up that will last for hours. All one needs is a device. In some cases, he could use internet access. However, it is probably better to have some files saved up so that he could more likely play the tracks without any interruptions. For people that are looking for a more creative playlist, there are tons of files that have different mixes of certain songs. Therefore, one just has to look for files to download. He could take the time to put together songs that have the same tempo for instance. He can find an event planning company in NYC to help with this if need be.

Among the event planners in NYC is Twenty Three Layers. The experts of this company know how to provide the mixes needed to make sure people are highly engaged in the party. 23 Layers has years of experience in planning parties and events of many different sizes. This is why they can be trusted for even the largest events. They know how to figure out the right type of sound system for the event. Then the hosts can hook up the system to Pandora or another streaming service so that they can enjoy the party for the remainder of the evening.

23 Layers of Style and Elegance

Jessica of the New York event design company Twenty Three Layers knew exactly where to look when she wanted to plan the best birthday party ever so her son Teddy.


Twenty Three Layers is an event planning company in NYC. They put all their time and effort into making sure that every event they plan reaches perfection. With so much attention to detail and an eye for the newest styles, it’s no wonder that they are sought after for all kinds of events, from birthday parties to big corporate functions. Everyone knows they are going to get exactly what they want with Twenty Three Layers.

From the very start of the planning stage you will see an attention to detail like no other. Nothing is spared when it comes to making sure that everything is exactly the way you want it. From the theme specific foods, to decorations that will wow every guest at the function, it’s no wonder people turn to Twenty Three Layers for events big and small.

Teddy’s birthday was no exception to the rule. Every corner of the event was filled with down home country fun. The entire party made you feel like you were out in the country on a farm. The crisp apple cider, strawberry cheesecake cups, and mini pies really added to the country feel of the party. Decorations like baskets, hay, wooden crates, and milk jugs made the environment seem to be slow paces and relaxing just like a hot country day. Gift baskets with homemade cookies and even a “big Red Barn” book for every guest just sealed the deal on this awesome occasion.

Twenty Three Layers provides so many services that it makes planning an event as easy as apple pie!

Teddy's table

Teddy's Birthday

A Flower For Every Party

What does it take to throw an epically memorable party? According to DeJuan Stroud, who has planned some major events, environment, elements to hold attention and lighting are three major parts of the party planning process.

Mr. Stroud has great vision, passion and has first hand experience bringing people together. Telling Culture Map recently, “Number one is an exciting environment that also makes people comfortable as they settle into the party. Number two is elements that hold people’s attention. And number three is lighting that makes everyone look good.”

Southern charm with a touch of high class, to create a family style food service is the trendsetting party process according to DeJuan’s conversation with Culture Map’s, Shelby Hodge of Houston. Saying of current trends towards parties, “Family style food service – even for black tie events. Varying the types of seating at an event — long tables, round tables, banquette seating, and long high top tables, lounge seating – all at the same event. Flower arrangements that are simplified, perhaps containing only one type of flower.”

Flowers are the signature for success in DeJaun Stroud’s parties and events. Events thrown for memorable names like Bon Jovi and Donald Trump. You can get a captivating glimpse of some of these astounding pieces of floral art in his new coffee table book, ”Designing Life’s Celebrations.” This book delves in to his world of using a fascinating floral focus to create theme and memorable moments at any event. Mr. Stroud’s book includes some simple teaching tools to make your next party more memorable and colorful.

Event planning production and design is not all flowers and lighting. Companies like Twenty Three Layers based in New York City offer services that blend seamlessly with the same kinds of philosophies brought in by Dejuan Stroud and his vision.

Twenty Three Layers events bring color, class and individuality to every party they plan. Offering full service options that go beyond catering and include venue selection, providing a photographer and workshops to bring it all together in one complete package.

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Houston Cultural Map

Dynamic and noted designer DeJuan Stroud is taking to the road! He is heading off to Houston to share some of his best design secrets, promote his upcoming book titled “Designing Life’s Celebrations,” and maybe provide some tips for others that he used for some of his best celebrity clients such as Donald Trump and Bon Jovi. As Stroud himself noted, working with such demanding customers can help to hone your practice and skills since they demand the very best of everything. Stroud strives to provide this in each and every one of his design layouts for homes and businesses. His floral and table arrangements range from simplicity (with only one flower on a table and standard color schemes) to complex bouquets and more. His dedication to perfection raises the bar for his own work as well as that of those around him!

Stroud also noted the complexity of proper event planning and its nuances. Those seeking a similar service to that of Stroud may be interested in Twenty Three Layers. This is a well-noted company in New York which has a fine reputation for detail. No matter how small or large the event may be, 23 Layers has the staff on hand who know just what to do to make that occasion lovely and memorable! They also take the next step for each aspect of the affair, including catering services, lighting,custom printing, and more. Some of their more notable entries incorporate theme parties such as a James Bond event in scenic Soho. Their satisfied patrons clearly cement the reputation of this fine group through their glowing testimonials. Most indicate that they would be happy to work with 23 Layers again in an ongoing capacity!

Creating a meaningful and memorable gathering can be difficult, but using an experienced designer or firm can help. Seek them out today for an unforgettable affair of your own to rival those of Stroud’s stories!