Eric Lefkofsky Fight against Cancer

In the attempt to fight cancer Eric Lefkofsky co-founded Tempus, a technology-based company, building an operating system to battle cancer. In 2006 he established Lefkofsky family foundation. He was supported with his wife Liz, to advance significant activities within the organization. He works as the trustee of Lurie Children’s Hospital that is based Chicago. He is also the board of chairman of Chicago’s Steppenwolf theater company. He is a co-founder of Lightbank which funds disruptive technologies. Eric is graduated from the University of Michigan with his Juris Doctor from the law school.

Reentry cancer has been a menace to society in the American population, the number of people expected to be affected by cancer is projected to be on the rise. However, the massive leaps made by Tempus towards the fight gives hope. In an unfortunate event, Eric’s wife suffered from best cancer, this gave him a first-hand experience, he realized that there was a huge gap between data collection and digital technology and thus despite the efforts, there has never been streamlining the information to make it more useful. The technology he developed, EHRs is more updated to the quick development in the fight for cancer.

Tempus developed a technology that analyzes cancer patient’s clinical and molecular data, although medical data was hard to acquire, the company developed software for the analytics. There was a challenge in the way the cancer information had been kept and to remedy this, the organization developed software that includes a natural language capable of processing optical and recognition abilities. The hardcopy notes were eventually transformed into useful data to enhance development.

Information gathered during genomic information gathering is the basis of molecular data collected. The process was expensive at the initial stages, but with the improvement of technology, it has become more affordable. The human genes contain information that is important in determining the cause of cancer, this study is essential towards the success of Tempus. With more molecular data being gathered, comparing and analyzing the information may unlock information that may help fight cancer. With the Tempus technology, doctors will be able to pair to administer cancer patients with the right treatment, the doctors will be able to make real-time procedure due to the continuous updating of the database. Tempus headquarters are located in Chicago.