NGP VAN Describes The Steps To Launching A Successful Political Campaign

NGP VAN is a technology company which helps progressive candidates win political campaigns for office. They are encouraged by the results of elections in November and December 2017 which saw Democratic candidates when a number of offices in special elections. They say this can continue but it requires well thought out plans and so they have offered some steps they think every political campaign should follow.

The first step is building a solid communication plan. Before writing any of your announcement speech a candidate should first get their talking points and topline message squared away. You should have your stances on major issues prepared before you announce but stances on minor issues can be set aside at this time. They also say that getting your website up and running early is critical, something NGP VAN can help set up. If your website isn’t available people researching you may end up on sites that are the opposite of the message you want to deliver.

People will want to provide support for your campaign so CRM needs to be set up as soon as possible. This is another thing NGP VAN can help with which is their Digital 8 product. This helps to create email updates and bring in campaign donations. Also, they say to decide on your color scheme and then don’t deviate from it as that makes your campaign look disorganized.

They also recommend getting your social media accounts up to snuff. You will want a great headshot for your Facebook account and your timeline photo should have your campaign logo put in a corner. Digital ads are also important both your Google Search and Facebook acquisition ads should be operational at least two weeks before your announcement.

NGP VAN has helped candidates at every level of politics, from dog catchers to presidential elections. Their packages of campaign tools start at just $45 a month. They have support staff available all around the clock which can be reached either online or with a live representative. They also train people to use their tools using such things as documentation and webinars.,18.htm