The Inventive World Of Doe Deere

Doe Deere
The world changes constantly. Those who wish to reach out to clients need to be prepared to change with it. They need to be welcome to fresh ideas and welcome to changes of all kinds. This is a concept that makeup expert and entrepreneur Doe Deere fully understands. She knows that her product, makeup, are products that respond quickly to outside influences of all kinds including that of fashion. This is why she knows that she must be willing to respond quickly as well. Her aim in her life is to be there at all times with inventive ideas that engage her fans and show them something they can use in their own lives. She wants her fans to understand that makeup isn’t something that is mysterious and hard to understand. She also wants her fans to understand as she does that makeup can be an endless source of creativity and amazing inventiveness. This is why she comes to the table with her own worldview.

Coming Up With New Concepts

Just as the world of fashion does not stand still, so too the world of Doe Deere also does not stand still. She knows that what is in one day in fashion may not be in the very next week. This is where she looks at the world of makeup. She knows that makeup is also all about fashion. What works one week may not work the next. At her company, Lime Crime, she’s always pushing the envelop to consider all new ways of doing things and all new ways to respond to the latest fashion challenge set down by a designer. Her life is one where it is okay to create ideas of all kinds. She knows that makeup ideas can be stretched and changed as needed to fit into contemporary ideas about fashion. With her help, fans of Lime Crime can pick out new ideas and discover what kind of results they can get from using them. She takes a close look at the pages of major fashion magazines and uses them to see where she might come up with inspiration. Her looks are based on the idea that makeup is not just a complement to such ideas but can actually take center stage if the fan knows how to do it well.

Bringing It

As a makeup expert, Doe Deere also knows that it is not enough to just rest on her laurels. She needs to be able to come up with new concepts of all kinds. Each day for her is an adventure and one that she knows she must be willing to meet head on in order to please herself and her many fans. When she pleases herself, she also pleases her fans as they as they know that they can come with her as she brings them along for a ride to magical places where unicorns abound and color is everywhere. Invention is truly the key to Deere’s success in the world of makeup.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden Is More Than A Pretty Face

Jennifer Walden is an incredible beauty surgeon. She was published in the Harper’s Bazaar magazine as a woman that has it all. She is leading her field of work in New York City and maintains a successful reputation is Manhattan as well. She is originally from Austin, Texas but has since spread her wings and built a positive reputation for herself. She is one of the very few women on the board of directors for the ASAPS ( American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.) She has two children and a few siblings that are also very successful. Jennifer Walden feels that her mother is a huge inspiration to her and pushes her to succeed on a regular basis.

She has a bubbly personality and enjoys putting her clients at ease with her calm demeanor. She is a very busy woman but always has a firm grasp of things. She is far from a harsh woman and provides her patients with the care they deserve. Walden is a grounded individual with a wonderful smile and expresses the desire to help her clients feel comfortable in their own skin. She has worked hard to get where she is today by pushing hard to meet her goals.

She comes from a very supportive family and considers her mother a hero. Her father worked as a dentist and her mother worked as a nurse during her childhood. Her career as a plastic surgeon has taken a lot of work and drive, thankfully she was taught the importance of working hard for what you want. She is a huge inspiration for her clients, peers and the readers of Austin MD Magazine.


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Lime Crime, Indie Cosmetic Maker, Gains Popularity for Offering Bold and Unique Colors

If bright and airy is your style and you have a difficult time finding lip color to match your outfits you may find a match in Lime Crime. The eye-catching and cruelty free signature line of lip colors focuses on bright and bold colors such as neon green, gold, and aquamarine blue. Other offerings include eye liners and shadows in the same statement making shades. These nontraditional colors are the hallmark of the indie makeup cosmetics company and has united fashionistas and makeup lovers across the internet.

Lime Crime offers three lines of lip colors, each with their own take on the brand’s bold coloring. The Perlee and Unicorn lines offer lip colors in classic lipstick form. The more modern matte liquid lip colors are available in the Velvetine line. The Perlee line feature spectacular metallic shimmers while in contrast the Unicorn line features perfectly opaque pastel shades. In a world of classic red and muted nude lip colors Lime Crime has found a way to make a bold and unique statement.

About Lime Crime and Founder Doe Deere

Lime Crime was founded in 2008 in New York City by Doe Deere, according to their Facebook. Deere, unable to find inspiring lip colors to match her clothing line, created her own brand of cosmetics to fill in the gap and Lime Crime was born. In 2012 all of Lime Crime’s cosmetics formulations were change to be officially Vegan certified. Since then Deere has continued to design and offer the highest quality cosmetics under her Lime Crime brand. Aspiring make up artists are invited to share their creations featuring Lime Crime colors by including the hashtag #limecrime in their social media posts.

Color Me Beautiful

Doe Deere is the colorful founder and CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics, a cruelty-free cosmetics company with a vision as unique and creative as she is. She started her e-commerce company in 2008, naming it after her favorite color and the mindset that beauty “laws” were made to be broken.

Make-up, Deere believes, should be a joyful form of self-expression. She calls her customers “unicorns”: rare, magical creatures who bravely deck themselves head-to-toe in vibrant, unexpected color and who have a devil-may-care approach to fashion. Her company has enjoyed startling success, a testament that her vision has mass appeal and that perhaps unicorns are not as rare as one might think.

Rules to Break
Deere shares her take on seven fashion and beauty “rules” that were made to be broken:
• Don’t Wear a Bold Eye with a Bold Lip
Conventional wisdom holds that the face should have one focal point: the lips or the eyes. However, there is nothing conventional about Doe Deere or Lime Crime Cosmetics. More drama is more fun, Deere asserts.
• Don’t Mix Too Many Colors
Don’t be afraid of mixing different bright hues, insists Doe Deere. The trick is to coordinate multiple shades, not to avoid them. You can pull it off, she maintains, if you pull the same colors together through the whole ensemble.
• Don’t Mix Too Many Patterns
Deere loves print-on-print looks. To pull it off, she advises, keep the patterns in the same color scheme to complement one another.
• Don’t Wear Socks with Open-Toed Shoes
Why not? Deere asks. She believes socks are among the most appealing wardrobe accessories, and if you find fun, colorful pairs, you should show them off. She advises thinking of socks and shoes as partners, and pairing patterns and colors that show each other off.
• Stick to Wearing Black or Neutral Colors if Your Hair is an Unnatural Shade
Deere loves color and sees no reason to give up colorful clothes for colorful hair. “Pay attention to how your colors interact off each other,” she suggests, and “having rainbow hair shouldn’t stop you from going splashy with your hues.”
• You Have to Dress Your Age
“If you love it, wear it,” is Deere’s mantra. Age is merely a number, and there is no reason to give up personal preference or style because of it. True style, she opines, is ageless.
• Stick With Occasion-Specific Dressing
True to form, when it comes to this issue Deere says, “Wear what you want, when you want.” In other words, if you’re in a glittery mood, wear glittery clothes, even to the grocery store. Clothing should be a form of expression and should reflect your mood.


With the season already with us, how to look good maybe everyone’s worry. Well,here are some suggestions worth looking at as one goes on to look impressive. The old fashion rules are no longer the key to looking pretty. In fact, adding some unique styles and make-ups complemented with the right beauty products should. The lime crime founder and beauty queen advise n some useful tips to spice up the season.


It looks better to have different from the eye to the lips. The secret is using different colors that match quite refreshing. The old advice goes to looking the same in the face. Well, some may disagree with it, trying a different thing will indeed change your looks. Try spicing blue milk eyeliner with a red velvet lip. You will love the taste.


The beauty of the different colors may look good. But exaggerating them is also a disaster. Different color combinations don’t work well for everyone. The best is to use minimum color combinations as possible that match. The coordination of the makeup color and the hair or skin color is imperative. Matching the clothes color to the makeup and skin color adds more joyous looks.


Different patterns may create a disappointing look. Whereas some have the gift of combining different patterns and still look gorgeous, avoid it if you are not for it. The essence for mixing different patterns comes with fun. That is also achievable by selecting the best patterns that match the make ups and complement each other. There are no standards for a merrier pattern, choosing less makes it’s less complicated.


Clothes are made to be enjoyed. Try different makes at various times to look unique. Though tradition dictates saving outfits for a special day, it’s worth giving it a trial on a different day. Wearing what makes one feel best will give a greater self-confidence and boost one’s morale to look impressive.


Many dislike wearing socks with high heels and open headed shoes. Combining socks with a contrast toe with contrast toe may look good. The way we wear is influenced by our traditions and how everyone else is looking. To look different, wear different.

Doe Deere is the founder of Lime Crime products. It started as a fashion shop in E-bay. Lime Crime has grown to be the largest producer of beauty and fashion products. Doe is herself a successful entrepreneur who believes in excelling dreams through effort and dedication. She is an active supporter of women entrepreneurship.

The Lime Crime company was registered in 2009. Since then it has s dedicated customer service team that timely handles the client’s complaints. Doe modeled everything that has made lime crime products attractive. Besides, she is a team believer who values the contributions of her team.

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