George Soros Political Donations Help Candidate

People are lining up to vote. The ballot boxes are ready. The signs are outside lined up for people to view. Candidates such as Sanders is doing well. Cruz is running around third but first is Hillary Clinton. Former First lady turned politician. She is ready to take on the United States and is going to continue where Barack Obama stopped off. The different candidates are falling into their roles and campaigning heavily all over the United States. None seems to be passive. They are keeping in touch with their opportunities and potentials. Their campaign managers are watching the markets, the trends, and are making sure they are keeping their candidates in tune with what is going on.
George Soros is a billionaire financier that is financing Hillary Clinton’s Campaign just like he did Bill Clinton’s campaign years ago. His campaigns to Hillary are pushing millions. He has his predictions on the economy and is not scared to voice it. He does believe there is a crisis developing with the global market just like in 2008. According to the Iowa polls, Hillary is leading in Iowa. Is this because of her campaign skills? Some people predict it may be because she is a female. It is evident that Hillary knows a lot about politics and does have some good points. George Soros, a millionaire investor, has invested over one billion dollars in campaigns. He is worth $24.5 Billion.

People have their own opinions on the different candidates. The support is pouring in for several of them. Contributors generally donate to one particular candidate and will continue to follow their candidate throughout the election. George Soros is recognized as one of the top political contributors. He came from England as a teenager. After coming to the United States, first as a refugee, he got serious and attended college. He learned how to make money and by 2011, he was worth around 27 billion. He has a reputation for being a fantastic investor and can possibly give Hillary Clinton some great advice.

George Soros has strong feelings regarding politics and the economy. He understands the importance of the world’s economy. He can tell all about the weakness in the world’s economy and will sit down with you to explain in detail. Check out the article here: politic/story/2016/01/hillary-clinton-george-soros-218494 . This will help you to understand him better. Tune into the podcasts and future articles for information on the campaign and how the economy is heading according to Soros.