A Brief History Of An Engineering Marvel

The Trabuco, also known by the original French name, Trebuchet, is an ancient siege weapon used to fling large stones into fortifications in order to knock them over for a better chance at a successful invasion.

The weapon was originally created to mirror the sling, a simple anti-personal weapon made from a leather strap and a wooden pole. The wielder of the sling, also known as a skirmisher, would quickly load a round stone into the cradle of the strap, swing the strap over their head and then release it. The momentum built up from the skirmisher moving the weapon in a circular motion allowed the stone to be thrown a considerable distance. The purpose of the attached pole was to increase momentum as a lever. The same concept holds true for the much larger Trabuco according to dicionarioinformal.com.br. Instead of a single man loading a stone into a leather strap the Trabuco required a team of operators to load and fire, with a large bag filled with a multitude of heavy rocks. The large wooden war machine used a counterbalance system to launch the heavy projectiles a far distance, shattering defenses and killing large quantities of soldiers.

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The first records of the use of a Trabuco were found in ancient China, where a smaller version was used by a team of two to three soldiers. The soldiers would spin their version of the weapon, much like how an ancient skirmisher would, and hurl the projective a lengthy distance. This would be replaced by a counterbalance version later.

This impressive siege weapon was feared throughout ancient times and into the middle ages. It evolved from a simple pulley system into a sophisticated counterbalance system in the Crusades according to lista.mercadolivre.com.br. What officially made the Trabuco obsolete was the emergence of gunpowder. The strowing of stones was replaced by the ability to quickly blow something up or fire solid balls of iron into stone walls. Even though it was replaced the Trabuco is still an impressive weapon and a marvel of engineering. Its complexity is only matched by how easy of a concept it is to create.

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