MB2 Dental: Where Culture Meets Profession

MB2 Dental, is a firm that has been strictly specific about the services it offers to its patients. It is hailed for being a practice for dentists built by dentists.

The firms’ founder Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, resulted to establish the practice aiming to make professional dental care with a difference available to people seeking treatment. Having started from the bottom, Dr. Chris slowly gripped the values required to undertake a career as a dentist. He was annoyed by the mediocre challenges faced by dentists whether involved in Sole Practice or Group Practice. He consequently ended up starting his own practice, looking to be unique and to offer the best services without compromise. In addition to providing dental solutions to patients, MB2 Dental also serves to assist other dentists gain more experience in the profession. The firm now boasts of 70 affiliated locations spread in up to six states, and a total of 533 workers.
This firm has defined its position by bringing dentistry with a difference. The company aims to combine efforts by its practitioners to achieve quick results which would otherwise be quite difficult to achieve individually. While employing quality and precision, MB2 Dental has succeeded in creating a good name for itself among its client base. It has been lauded for using dentistry to improve thousands people’s lives for the better.
Dental practices are thought out to be plain and boring, but MB2 Dental brings a fresh perspective in the industry by focusing beyond making profits. Owned by dentists the company is able to offer appropriate services to patients and simultaneously enable dentists to grow in their personal lives.
The company has incorporated suitable measurers that have in turn helped improve their standards of operation and helped organically grow the firm to unimaginable heights. It boasts of having a youthful culture and achieving commendable success through practical experience. The firm has created an environment for dentists to grow and learn from one another.
MB2 dental has proven its commitment towards aiding dental practitioners face any legal, compliance challenges that come their way by investing in experts who specialize in these fields. In addition, the company has employed modern technology in their day to day activities, something that has attracted positive attention from clients.
A young company that has raised the bar for many other dental firms.

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