EOS Makes It Big Fast

Business owners all desire a quick track to success when they first start out. It’s extremely rare, or basically impossible to have immediate success at anything. A quick success rate is also rare, even if it isn’t instantaneous. Amazingly the EOS lip balm company has succeeded at quick success. They also inexplicably achieved their quick success by selling a product that is not exactly new. Lip balm has been around for perhaps hundreds of years since people have suffered from dry lips since the beginning of human kind on the planet.

EOS views their success to be the result of some key things they did when creating the company. Lip balm was something they observed to be a plain, dull product. They decided to create a lip balm that stood out from other plain Jane lip balm products. They did this by creating the signature, different round shape of the EOS lip balm. They made sure the product was something customers can slide on their lips without having to dip their finger into it. The product glides on.

Customers of beauty products today are more concerned about organic or natural products. EOS took that into account while they made their natural and organic ingredients lip balm formula. They also chose to make the lip balms into a variety of different scents.

The EOS company also chose to work on a carefully schemed out ad plan. They placed ads primarily on YouTube or asked YouTube vloggers to review their lip balms. They also sent their lip balms to celebrities that younger generations like to emulate the style of.

To get their product into stores in the first place EOS was determined and hired a sales consultant to assist them in securing a deal with a store to sell their product. Luckily enough their persistence paid off when a Walgreens employee agreed to place their products on the shelves at Walgreens. Ultimately this resulted in many more stores clamoring to sell the EOS lip balm products. To learn more, visit the evolution of smooth website  and Linked In page, Pinterest page (https://www.pinterest.com/explore/eos-lip-balm/).