The Benefits Of Being A Member Of Magnises

Magnises is an experiential lifestyle startup, which offers millennial and brands a platform to enjoy their social and professional lives offline. With the use of a personalized black card, members of Magnises enjoy a unique experience of both cultural and professional events depending on their interests. This private club offers young professionals access to hottest clubs, special pricing tickets for great sporting events, shows, and concerts in major cities in the East Coast and improved travel bookings worldwide. Originally launched in August 2013, Magnises was an American Express-members only black card, where the information was copied from the already existing card. By 2014, Magnises rapidly expanded its offerings, adding services like VIP club access, hotel discounts, in app-based virtual guide, special hotel menus and private hotel spaces.

Initially, the company used to rent a townhouse in the west village for clients. Later, it moved to a penthouse of the hotel at Rivington on Facebook. Currently, Magnises partners with Jue Lan Club and Mad Men-chic midtown restaurant Wayfarer for spaces. Interested individuals apply for membership where the required fee is $250 annually. McFarland, Magnises co-founder, said that the selection of membership is keen to ensure that there is balance in genders and industries. The company is rapidly growing; it recorded 12,000 members in Washington, D.C. and New York. McFarland said that the company has made investments worth $4 million. It anticipates a revenue of $5 million in 2016.

However, the largest portion of Magnises’ revenue does not come from membership fee. It comes from successful connections between the young consumers and big brands. Magnises earns handsomely when big companies like Tesla, Johnny Walker and Ilegal Mezcal host events for the members. Grant Margolin, Magnises’ brand development vice president, said that since social sites are over saturated with advertisements, Magnises social club becomes a powerful marketing tool. He added that the company improves lifestyle and boost brands through the social events of their members.

The personalized black card is linked to members’ bank or credit cards since it is a payment tool. The concierge app is a reliable tool that acts as a personal assistant for members on Through the app, clients access information on experiences within and out of their cities, reservations, restaurants and nightlife suggestions. In addition, they get answers to general questions about Magnises membership. Members have a hotspot where they can go to host meetings, relax or meet fellow members.

For only $99 per month, members of Magnises in New York can access co-working spaces at Alley and desks for about $500 per month. Magnises introduced a ClubPass feature that allows customers to access the most exclusive New York-based nightclubs for $65 a month. HotelPass allows members to stay at all New York locations of Dream Hotel for $79 per night. Customarily, the cheapest Dream Hotel rooms cost $245 a night. McFarland said that Magnises would like to take both social and professional lives of their members to a higher level. He pointed out that the company offers club and hotel brands a platform to expand their services, thus increasing their sales.

The Inventive World Of Doe Deere

Doe Deere
The world changes constantly. Those who wish to reach out to clients need to be prepared to change with it. They need to be welcome to fresh ideas and welcome to changes of all kinds. This is a concept that makeup expert and entrepreneur Doe Deere fully understands. She knows that her product, makeup, are products that respond quickly to outside influences of all kinds including that of fashion. This is why she knows that she must be willing to respond quickly as well. Her aim in her life is to be there at all times with inventive ideas that engage her fans and show them something they can use in their own lives. She wants her fans to understand that makeup isn’t something that is mysterious and hard to understand. She also wants her fans to understand as she does that makeup can be an endless source of creativity and amazing inventiveness. This is why she comes to the table with her own worldview.

Coming Up With New Concepts

Just as the world of fashion does not stand still, so too the world of Doe Deere also does not stand still. She knows that what is in one day in fashion may not be in the very next week. This is where she looks at the world of makeup. She knows that makeup is also all about fashion. What works one week may not work the next. At her company, Lime Crime, she’s always pushing the envelop to consider all new ways of doing things and all new ways to respond to the latest fashion challenge set down by a designer. Her life is one where it is okay to create ideas of all kinds. She knows that makeup ideas can be stretched and changed as needed to fit into contemporary ideas about fashion. With her help, fans of Lime Crime can pick out new ideas and discover what kind of results they can get from using them. She takes a close look at the pages of major fashion magazines and uses them to see where she might come up with inspiration. Her looks are based on the idea that makeup is not just a complement to such ideas but can actually take center stage if the fan knows how to do it well.

Bringing It

As a makeup expert, Doe Deere also knows that it is not enough to just rest on her laurels. She needs to be able to come up with new concepts of all kinds. Each day for her is an adventure and one that she knows she must be willing to meet head on in order to please herself and her many fans. When she pleases herself, she also pleases her fans as they as they know that they can come with her as she brings them along for a ride to magical places where unicorns abound and color is everywhere. Invention is truly the key to Deere’s success in the world of makeup.

Check her out at PHAMExpo

Get A Month Of Free Service From FreedomPop With The 3-In-1 Sim Card

Here is an informative FreedomPop review for those who are interested in getting FreedomPop service for their cell phone. First, a cell phone must be purchased to use it with the FreedomPop service. A review of FreedomPop and their website shows many different cell phones for sale, so these phones can be purchased ahead of time. Those that want to use an unlocked phone can do so as long as it’s a GSM phone that takes a sim card. Anyone who’s with Sprint or has a Sprint phone can swap the phone over to FreedomPop to use it on the CDMA service that they provide.

Signing up for the service is very easy, and those that choose to sign up for the GSM service and get a sim card will enjoy some perks. Anyone who purchases the sim card can pay as little as $0.99 for it and will have it shipped out to them as soon as possible. Once the sim card arrives, insert it into the unlocked cell phone to get started. Anyone who signs up for service with FreedomPop must do so with a valid email address, and it’s possible to sign up for several phone plans with different email addresses.

Those who are signing up for the GSM plan with the 3-in-1 sim card can get one month of free service, which includes unlimited talk and text as well as 1 GB of data. This is an amazing deal because there are no cell phone service providers out there that are giving a full free month of cell phone service, especially unlimited talk time and text messages. Although the data is limited, it can be conserved by having the user use Wi-Fi whenever it’s possible. Once the month of free service is done, then the regular price for the service will be $19.99.

Anyone who doesn’t want to continue on the unlimited service plan for $19.99 can always downgrade to the free service that FreedomPop offers. The free service will still include up to 700 MB of data, and 500 text messages as well as 200 minutes of talk time. Those who use talk service apps through their phone must remember that it will take up data, which means that they can extend their talk time but will eat up their data. It’s always wise to watch the amount of data that’s being used whenever the person is not using Wi-Fi.

Evolution of Smooth: More Than Your Average Lip Balm

Are you suffering from dry lips? Are your current lip balm products ineffective and doesn’t seem to be getting the job done? Thousands of people seem to struggle with a dry mouth and lips, but there is one brand that’s changing the game on how we can maintain softer, more moisturized lips.

Evolution of Smoothis the brand of reference and this lip balm delivers on it’s promises. Unlike most of the other competing brands, Evolution of Smooth is loaded with all=natural ingredients such as:

  • Vitamin E
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Shea Butter

These ingredients work great for retaining moisture and they’re also great for therapeutic purposes which anyone can benefit from. This brand/company prides itself on producing high quality products that consumers love. Other brands use fillers and untested ingredients. These very ingredients actually does the opposite of what it’s meant for. Salicylic Acid And Phenol only mimics what natural ingredients does, but these ingredients tends to dry out the lips over time with constant use. Having dry, cracked lips totally defeats the purpose in all cases.

Evolution of Smooth’s lip balms provide you with the necessary ingredients and are up to 95% organic. Here are some of the positive benefits of (EoS):

  • Gluten Free
  • High In Antioxidants
  • Longer Lasting Moisture
  • Easily Glides On
  • Petrolatum Free
  • Varity of Flavors

Another benefit of this brand is that the products are dermatology tested and hypoallergenic. Those with sensitivity issues shouldn’t have a problem while using this Racked and Ulta sold product. If you want a safe way of retaining lip moisture give Evolution of Smooth a try and for more information click:


The Importance Of Music For Events

If there is one thing that the vast majority of parties and events have in common is that there is typically music involved. When it comes to planning events, one of the different aspects of the event that has to be figured out is the music. Not too long ago, people had to make sure that they had a DJ that could provide the music to keep people entertained. While in most cases, the DJ only has to play the music, there are certain times when there is the need for a more creative DJ in order to provide the mixing.

Now, all one needs to do is to set up a playlist. It is easy to set something up that will last for hours. All one needs is a device. In some cases, he could use internet access. However, it is probably better to have some files saved up so that he could more likely play the tracks without any interruptions. For people that are looking for a more creative playlist, there are tons of files that have different mixes of certain songs. Therefore, one just has to look for files to download. He could take the time to put together songs that have the same tempo for instance. He can find an event planning company in NYC to help with this if need be.

Among the event planners in NYC is Twenty Three Layers. The experts of this company know how to provide the mixes needed to make sure people are highly engaged in the party. 23 Layers has years of experience in planning parties and events of many different sizes. This is why they can be trusted for even the largest events. They know how to figure out the right type of sound system for the event. Then the hosts can hook up the system to Pandora or another streaming service so that they can enjoy the party for the remainder of the evening.