Whistleblower Cases Gaining Traction

A great deal of controversy gets stirred up when it comes to whistleblower cases, but there are more and more people that have been willing to come forward with information as of recent, much of which has been a result of the organizations that have been created to provide protection to such people, despite the consequences that most people feel is imminent. The reason for this type of apprehension is based on the fact that a ton of whistleblowers in the past have been ostracized from their places of business and have essentially had their lives, as well as their livelihoods ruined. However, more and more people are not only coming forward, but are reaping the benefits of taking this seemingly risky move.

An individual who has chosen to remain anonymous has recently received just over seventeen million dollars, after going to court under the representation of Jordan Thomas, who is a SEC whistleblower attorney. One of the biggest things that leads to a favorable ending to these types of cases is when a person decides that they are going to hire a lawyer that specializes in whistleblower cases. This type of law specialization was not something that was occurring just a handful of years ago, but as a result of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, as well as many organizations that have been created to protect whistleblowers, many law firms are starting to specialize in these types of cases. This creates a haven for those people that have information that they want to come forward with and one of the best aspects of the situation on hand is the fact that these people can obtain full anonymity.

One of the biggest problems in the past was the fact that if a person decided they were going to come forward and expose any type of corruption, they were almost always going to be met with a huge amount of backlash, likely perpetrated by those the whistleblowers were exposing. The fact that they actually have protection and anonymity is a huge step and there are likely going to be more multi-million dollar cases as a result. The whistleblowers in these cases, based on the laws that have been set in place, basically get a portion of the money, or the sanctions that the business they are exposing gets hit with, which really creates a win-win situation for everyone.

Learn more: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/second-largest-sec-whistleblower-award-granted-to-labaton-sucharow-client-300282555.html

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