Don Ressler Has Had a Great Career

Perhaps you have heard of the very successful fashion website called JustFab. You might have even bought some clothing there yourself. If this is the case, you are familiar with the work of Don Ressler. He is one of the founders of JustFab. He was also one of the people largely responsible for the creation of the skincare retail site called Dermstore. The tremendous amount of success that Ressler has had in a relatively short amount of time has made him the envy of the tech world. He seems to know all of the tricks to make a site quickly attract a loyal following and make lots of money.

Don’s talent for thinking of websites that many people want to use has understandably attracted the attention of many large investors on These are mainly venture capital companies that look for new websites to invest their money into. They want to become a part of a site on the ground floor. This will allow them to reap a larger part of the profits if and when the site starts to make money. The problem is that there is no guarantee that the sites they invest in will ever be in the black. A sure thing does not exist in the world of startups. However, Don Ressler is as close to a sure thing as you can get.

Don Ressler now is in the great position of being courted by many of the world’s biggest investors. This basically guarantees that any startup he wants to be involved with will have no problem at all getting the necessary financing. Don believes you can never have too many investors because they will sometimes pull out at the last minute for a wide variety of reasons. Therefore, it is always nice to have a different investor who is ready to step in and take their place.

Don Ressler takes great pride in the fact that so many respectable venture capital firms want to be in business with him. He also understands that it is a huge responsibility. These companies are betting their money on Don to come up with a winning idea for a site. Therefore, he does not want to let them down. He also knows that the only hope he has of having those firms continue to invest in his projects is to keep making them a healthy profit. Fortunately, he has never had a problem doing this. See: