Mike Baur Starts Up a Swiss Business

As one becomes acquainted with the Swiss financier, Mark Baur, one wonders if perhaps some individuals are programmed at creation for a special expertise. Baur grew up loving the world of finance, and he knew from the beginning that this was his world. While his creative impulses assured him that there were new and different ways to use money, he would not realize his ultimate goal until more than 20 years within the Swiss banking system. During this time, he developed understanding and skills of the processes, became successful in investing and working with financial strategies, and expanded his personal acquaintances with others who shared his creative ideas. After years with the private equity company, Sallfort, he felt that he had finished the experience and education, and was ready to leave the banking business.

In 2012, Baur started a new company called the Start-Up Factory for the purpose of helping businesses with new creative ideas enter the business world. With backing from the Swiss partners who also had revenue, skills, and enthusiasm, he invited companies with new ideas to take part in a program that would give outstanding financial support for the first months of enrollment. Members would not only have a location for their business with office space and services that were needed, but they would also have advisers, instructors, and mentors that would insure eventual worldwide success. Bringing new and creative projects to the scene, was a challenge that Bauer accepted with great enthusiasm. The Swiss Start-Up Factory was greeted by backers, entrepreneurs, and the business world as a valuable lifeline in the rough days of a new business voyage. It was an immediate success.

In addition to many necessary financial tools and education courses which teach their use, new businesses are provided marketing opportunities , employer benefits, and all things they might need to begin immediate success. It is a fast paced adventure to a goal of almost immediate success. Baur believes that matching new good creative ideas with knowledge is the way to grow a business that breaks the norm.

The Start-Up Factory is located in Zurich, Switzerland where Baur makes his home. Zurich is also the hub of the swiss banking industry so the environment is immediately responsive to a new business. Baur considers the mission of the company to be a model of the highest standard in giving new businesses a fast start to success. Also, as a man of vision, he sees these businesses as creating a new climate outside the norm in the present business world. Creativity is to be commended and encouraged, and Mark Baur is simply excited to help it enter the world of business and finance.

Why Reputation Management Software Is Integral Today

The following concerns a recent article about Retailer Webs Services’ new reputation management software solution WebFronts Review, check out the article on furnituretoday.com.
It’s the eighth month of August, 2016. Five days ago on the 23rd, Retailer Web Services announced a new software they have designed aimed at maintaining online reputations digitally, with as much recommendable automation as possible. Their new software gives users the ability to see and instantly respond to reviews in order that consumer experience may be improved in conjunction with marketing. The software is aimed specifically at Retailers of Independent Durable Goods. In order to design it, a survey of some 1,400 separate consumers was conducted which concerned how reviews of the online variety affected their buying choices. This helped demonstrate how buyers choose where to shop for mattresses, furniture, and appliances. From this information, RWS’ new software WebFronts Review was developed.

The need for this software is tremendous. Social media is a huge influencer of buying decisions, and things like reviews can make or break a product. Staying on top of such reviews is integral. The COO of RWS pointed out during the WebFronts Review announcement that opportunities for growth are lost to companies who avoid maximum capitalization on marketing. Where one company tightens its budget against such reputation management software, the company who does not will be able to grow more quickly. The implication here is that competitive advantage also exists for those who bring such software into their regular operations.

Between competitive advantage and room for growth, an additional critical factor is damage control. The keynote speaker of the event was a gentleman by the name of Erik Qualman who wrote a book that was nominated for a Pulitzer. His book pointed out that crazy things that happen in Vegas, may not stay in Vegas as is the popular catchphrase. Qualman supposes such things stay on YouTube. Especially when one considers that higher profiles brook greater social media awareness, the observation of Qualman’s work is very accurate. All it takes is the wrong smartphone recording at the wrong time to severely impact corporate performance.


Wounded Warrior Andy Wirth

The life accomplishments of Andy Wirth aren’t anything to shrug at. After two decades of working for Steamboat Springs Resort, he was deservingly promoted to chief marketing officer and executive vice president of Intrawest. There he managed domestic and global marketing strategy. In 2009, he founded the Mountain Village Partnership, (MVP) and also served as president of the board of directors until leaving Intrawest to become President and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings in 2010.

Wirth’s largest financial and business successes have easily come from his time in Squaw Valley. He has worked incessantly to make the ski area a serious competitor in the competitive world of ski resorts. Wirth implemented a 70 million dollar upgrade plan as CEO of the company that catapulted the rebuilding of the Squaw Valley brand substantially.

Under Wirth’s direction, Squaw Valley went from being one of the most loathed to loved ski resorts in just a year. Never one to stop working, In 2011, Andy Wirth led the merge and acquisition of Alpine Meadows Ski Resort, and is now the President and CEO of both companies.

In early 2016, Wirth even took on more responsibility, becoming Chairman and President of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board of Trustees (RASC). Coming up with innovative ideas for providing better air service for major resorts and communities from Colorado to Quebec seem to be his main focus for now.

Most recently, he’s played a major role in establishing air service to the Reno-Tahoe International Airport. Though it is very early in Wirth’s tenure As Chairman and President of RASC, these successes he’s played a pivotal role in should serve as positive foreshadowing for what’s to come in the future. Learn more about Andy Wirth: http://www.powder.com/tag/andy-wirth/

With Andy Wirth’s business successes getting most of the praise, his contributions to charitable foundations have been overshadowed. Wirth has devoted a lot of time into finding more efficient and dependable ways to raise funds for the less privileged. Even starting a foundation of his own.

After having a near death experience, courtesy of a skydiving accident, Wirth co founded an ironman team they call “Wounded Warrior Support.” The team raises funds for the Navy SEAL Foundation. Wirth became a recipient of the Citizen of the year award by Disabled Sports USA in 2014. During the same year, the High Five Foundation recognized Wirth with their Community Five Award. Wirth’s philanthropic works have gained him awards and recognition worldwide.

How Does Thor Halvorssen Educate People About Human Rights?

Thor Halvorssen has always wanted to educate people on what they need to know about human rights, and he started the Human Rights Foundation because he wants to teach people about what they need to know. There are a lot of things that people will be able to learn if they are paying attention, and Thor Halvorssen even shares that information with the world leaders that he meets with.

He wants to make sure that he is helping people understand the things that they do have an impact in other parts of the world. He also wants them to listen and see how there is a better way to do things. Everyone who is willing to listen to Thor Halvorssen is going to learn a lot, and then they need to make sure that they try to make a change based on what he says.

It is very possible for people to learn about countries they have not paid any mind to, and they will know what it takes to make a change in the world. Thor Halvorssen knows that he can get people to change, but he cannot get them to do that unless he teaches them something that is meaningful. The meaningful things that people learn all have to do with how others are treated, and Thor Halvorssen has volunteers in HRF offices around the world who help with this.

The first thing that people will learn is that they can make a change by trying to help people who are going to be in need. The people who are in need are in places where they cannot escape, but they need to know that they are supported on the outside. Thor Halvorssen and the HRF are helping everyone around the world join the human rights movement to save those who have no voice.

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Treating Highlighted Hair With Wen by Chaz

For decades, women have been infatuated with the highlighted hair color style. This style utilizes hair dyes to create a naturally highlighted look in an individual’s hair. This style was invented in the ancient days of beauty when women would use natural coloring agents to create new looks. The highlighting style re-surged in the United States during the 1960s and has not yet lost its charm with American women. Highlights allow the natural color of an individual’s hair to stand out greatly without the need for the entire head of hair to be dyed. This process can be beneficial to those who wish to subtly change their look, but can also be the cause of severe damage to the hair in the long run. To prevent or reverse this damage, it is important for those with highlighted hair to develop a consistent hair care regimen using a quality hair product like the WEN hair care line.
By utilizing the nourishing products included in the Sephora healthy hair care line, consumers with highlighted hair can prevent severe damage from occurring. After highlights are placed in the hair, the hair is extremely sensitive to the outside elements and is highly susceptible to damage from these elements. During this time of hair sensitivity, it is important to treat the hair with as many nourishing agents as possible. By implementing the Wen by Chaz shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizer into the daily hair care regimen, consumers can reduce the occurrence of further damage by up to 80 percent. Using the Wen hair by Chaz product line on highlighted hair causes the hair to become nourished from the root of the hair to the tip of the hair, which prevents dryness, breakage, and shedding. Positive results from the implementation of the Wen by Chaz product line into a daily regimen can be seen in as little as one week as evidenced in this recent customer review published by Bustle. Wen hair products are available online on Amazon.com.

Wen hair FAQ’s: http://www.wen.com/faq.html


Don Ressler Has Had a Great Career

Perhaps you have heard of the very successful fashion website called JustFab. You might have even bought some clothing there yourself. If this is the case, you are familiar with the work of Don Ressler. He is one of the founders of JustFab. He was also one of the people largely responsible for the creation of the skincare retail site called Dermstore. The tremendous amount of success that Ressler has had in a relatively short amount of time has made him the envy of the tech world. He seems to know all of the tricks to make a site quickly attract a loyal following and make lots of money.

Don’s talent for thinking of websites that many people want to use has understandably attracted the attention of many large investors on perezhilton.com. These are mainly venture capital companies that look for new websites to invest their money into. They want to become a part of a site on the ground floor. This will allow them to reap a larger part of the profits if and when the site starts to make money. The problem is that there is no guarantee that the sites they invest in will ever be in the black. A sure thing does not exist in the world of startups. However, Don Ressler is as close to a sure thing as you can get.

Don Ressler now is in the great position of being courted by many of the world’s biggest investors. This basically guarantees that any startup he wants to be involved with will have no problem at all getting the necessary financing. Don believes you can never have too many investors because they will sometimes pull out at the last minute for a wide variety of reasons. Therefore, it is always nice to have a different investor who is ready to step in and take their place.

Don Ressler takes great pride in the fact that so many respectable venture capital firms want to be in business with him. He also understands that it is a huge responsibility. These companies are betting their money on Don to come up with a winning idea for a site. Therefore, he does not want to let them down. He also knows that the only hope he has of having those firms continue to invest in his projects is to keep making them a healthy profit. Fortunately, he has never had a problem doing this. See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JustFab