FreedomPop Saves Money

There is always going to be tight finances for some people. However, it is hard for them to find a phone carrier that they can afford. The cheapest that they can get for phone service was a little over $30 until FreedomPop came in and started offering people service for very low pricing. Customers could also use data for free. One other feature that FreedomPop gave people was that they were able to earn data and minutes by completing some activities on the site. This included interacting with 3rd party advertisers. FreedomPop is quickly growing to offer innovative services to customers.

FreedomPop is unique in many ways. One of the ways that they are unique is that they work strictly off of VOIP. In other words, they are only purchasing data from Sprint and using it to offer voice, data, and texting services with the use of the Sprint Data Network. Their free service includes 500 text messages, 500 MB of data and 200 minutes of voice. They are also offering plenty of access to Wi-Fi hotspots for a very low price. People can access millions of hotspots without having to sign in. Therefore, users are always going to have Internet access.

FreedomPop is expanding greatly in their services. For one thing, they are offering an unlimited service plan at a very low price. The unlimited plan costs only $19.99 a month. This is almost half the amount that people pay for monthly services from other carriers. To top it off, other carriers don’t offer unlimited everything for less than $40. However, FreedomPop offers people what typically costs $60 for less than half of the price. FreedomPop is definitely a wonderful solution to problems for people who are living tight on finances. FreedomPop offers their service over almost 40 different devices.

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