Spark Tank: A Program For Empowering Social Entrepreneurs By Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is an accomplished American entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and business person. Presently, he is a resident of Dallas, Texas. Marc Sparks holds several portfolio firms. He is Timber Creek Capital’s leader. Despite of his success as a businessman, Marc Sparks stays humble. His achievements have not been a matter of luck. He has accomplished great feats as a venture capitalist by learning from his mistakes and working hard.

Marc Sparks has successfully operated and owned a number of ventures. His engagement in business traverses several industries. He is heavily involved in capital investment, telecommunications, as well as in real estate. In the above sectors, Marc Sparks has owned and managed many firms.

They include Agency Matrix, Splash Media, Timber Creek Capital, Cobalt Real Estate, and Reliant Healthcare. He is also credited as having owned or controlled Uncle Marc Food Delivery, Cardinal Telecom LLC, Boxter LLC, Bonn Oir, and Blue Jay Wireless.

Having tasted failure in his career, Marc Sparks advocates for other business people to learn from his mistakes. Additionally, he has authored a book on how he achieved success. His book is titled They Can’t Eat You. Marc Sparks outlines the type of lessons he would like entrepreneurs to learn. He emphasizes on his mistakes because he hopes that people can avoid similar paths and follow the practices that lead to prosperity in business.

According to Disqus, Marc Sparks did not start at the top. He has made his way in business from the bottom to the upper end because of his relentless nature. He does not possess a college degree but his experience in business is unmatched. Marc Sparks started his first business in 1975 after receiving his high school diploma. Since thrusting himself into business, he has established many successful companies.

He is also involved in charitable giving. Beyond donating his money, he also volunteers his time. The beneficiaries of his contributions include a program in his native Dallas, which assists the youth to obtain a high school diploma.

Additionally, he also contributes to The Samaritan Inn and Habitat for Humanity. His persistent enthusiasm to support entrepreneurs led him to create Spark Tank, a program that supports social entrepreneurs in making a difference in the community.

About Spark Tank

Spark Tank is a program with the objective of funding brilliant ideas fronted by social entrepreneurs. Just like the ventures marc Sparks has formed, Spark Tank is a successful social venture. It aims to establish social success by supporting social entrepreneurs that have great ideas.

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  1. Spark Tank aims to enable the community gain significantly by funding grants. The winner of the program receives $ 5,000 to be used in impacting lives. The arts, human services, and animal services are the organizations that qualify for the program. I learnt a lot too from my mistakes in essay writing as I did in other aspects of life.

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