Leonteq Co-founder Michael Hartweg Partners with Mike Baur of Swiss Start Up Factory

The co-founder of Swiss Start-Up Factory Mike Baur has agreed to collaborate with Michael Hartweg, who is a former top financial industrialist who is an adviser and a mentor. For almost two years, Michael Hartweg has not been in operation as derivatives expert in Leonteq. Swiss Start-Up Factory announced they would work together in making the company better so that they can satisfy their clients.

Michael Hartweg, a famous investor in the field of technology, finance, and sports and co-founder of the firm Fintech Leonteq, has agreed to collaborate with the Swiss Start-Up Factory. He will be supporting the Swiss Start-Up Factory in the assortment and appraisal of startups, particularly from the Fintech region.

The cooperation between the Swiss Start-Up Factory (SSUP) and Michael Hartweg sums up two main topics. To begin with, Michael Hartweg made an investment in preferred startups that are spun off from the Swiss Start-Up Factory. He is as well an adviser for leading the technology firm called Fintech. Its primary duty will be supporting the selection and assessment of investment enabled startups and associating the startups with the chosen partners from practice. He mentors the Swiss Start-Up Factory I the willpower of the upcoming emphases in the Fintech region.

The Swiss Start-Up Factory lets young firms with a concentration on digital technologies, to run through a program that is controlled by the Swiss Start-Up Factory Accelerators. The program provides counseling, coaching, industry knowledge and admittance to a huge network of potential clients, investors, and partners. The focus of the industry will be the future Fintech, this so because the Accelerator Summer 2016 is trying to lot at least two startups to come from this region.

Michael Hartweg narrates that the Fintech Company in Switzerland has up to now generated some startups’, however just a few have managed to face the potential in the international market place. Michael Hartweg adds that the Swiss Start-Up Factory performs as innovative, focusing on execution, crucial Authority, which makes sure that the right issues as trailed and the most excellent talent chosen and promoted.

The co-founder of the Swiss Start-Up Factory, Mike Baur that through his collaboration with Michael Hartweg, their aim is to make the innovative power and expertise of Switzerland in the sector of Fintech more stable than ever. He also adds that Switzerland is the leading center in the field of digitalization in the area of finance.