Preeminent Businessman Helping Raise Autism Awareness through Concerts

Sanjay Shah is a distinguished humanitarian and a famous business person. He was born in September 1970. He is the founder of Solo Capital Partners, Hedge-fund manager, founder and CEO of Autism Rocks, a beneficent association devoted to \subsidizing autism research. After his son’s diagnosis with autism, a neurological disorder in 2011, he established the organization.
Since starting to work with Autism Rocks, Sanjay Shah has consolidated his love for family and desire for music with his entrepreneurial spirit to collect funds for research and develop awareness for the neurological disorder. Autism Rocks is full of celebrations for everyone. He has joined hands with different artists in the music industry to raise awareness on autism personally. Before he begun Autism Rocks, Shah had tried working in the field of accounting, entrepreneurship. However, he has always had a soft spot for helping others.
This mental imbalance is life-changing, and funding research is a dangerous step to create a more prominent comprehension of the disease. Mr. Shah is acting by making an effort and is assisting analysts to open more doors to understanding the turmoil.
Situated in London, Autism Rocks, established in 2014, is an invite-only live event and charity occasion that brings issues to light and contributions for autism research. Sanjay Shah always had a yearning to contribute towards autism research but had no idea until one day Snoop Dogg, possibly the world’s most famous rapper, visited his Dubai home. Since then, he has persuaded renowned superstars like Prince, Drake, Michael Bublè and Lenny Kravitz to play gigs for the cause. Autism is a lifelong developmental disability where victims do not fully develop social relationships and communication skills. For him, it was easier to donate towards its research.
He had worked as a financier for Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, and Rabobank for almost 20 years. In 2008, he was unemployed, and he decided that he would start a life-changing project with the experience he had acquired.He set up his brokerage and principal trading and investment management venture. From that point forward, Solo Capital, as he named his young startup, grown over the years and employs more than 100 financial specialists in both London and Dubai. It likewise transformed Sanjay into a multimillionaire. That’s why when he approached the Dubai Autism Center in 2011 to ask how he could help, the supervisors told him know they were searching for funds to purchase another minibus, he bought a couple of Hyundai vehicles.


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