Martin Lustgarten: Successful Investment Banker And Financial Advisor

Martin Lustgarten is an expert in banking, finances, and investments. He has been providing sage investment advice for businesses and high net worth individuals for decades. The founder and CEO of the Lustgarten Martin investment firm based in South Florida, he is able to provide clients with financial advice that allows them to attain both their personal and business financial goals. Lustgarten is embraced and praised by his clients because he takes the time to understand their investment goals, needs, and desires, then gives them the investment advice they need to safely reach those goals in a timely manner.

An excellent communicator, Lustgarten writes extensively about banking, investing, and the hot button financial issues of the day. His articles appear in a wide range of publications both online and in the print media. Publications also reach out to Lustgarten for comments on important topics related to investment, banking, and international financial markets. He is prized for his uncanny ability to explain and elucidate even the most complex issues in terms the average layman can easily understand. That ability has served him well as a financial and investment advisor.

The ability to trust your financial advisor is paramount. Over his many years in the financial services industry, Martin Lustgarten has earned that trust. That’s why today he is such a widely respected investment advisor. He has the natural ability to make clients large and small feel comfortable discussing their personal and professional financial dreams and goals. He is then able to provide them with an investment plan to make those dreams a reality. His knowledge and experience working with all aspects of investing has enabled him to provide people with the guidance they need to succeed.

Martin Lustgarten is known for his in-depth research and excellent market analysis. Financial industry insiders and experienced investors know he’s the man to see for guidance in dealing with mergers & acquisitions, stock market investments, initial public offering, or help raising investment capital. His advice on securities and business and personal financial reorganization, is sough by corporations, companies large and small, and wealthy private investors. Follow Lustgarten on Instagram @mlustgarten to learn more about him and his services.

Chaz Dean Brings His A-game to the Cosmetic Industry with Wen Hair Product

The hair care line, WEN by Chaz Dean has outdone itself with infomercials trying to market it to women who are looking for more bouncy shiny hair. Many hair care products have come up and done the same throughout the years. Therefore, it is understandable that skepticism will make room in the minds of possible clients. Nonetheless, there is no gain without taking risks, and out of the benefit of the general public, Emily McClure tried out the product and gave her honest opinion on (

Irrespective of the reports made about the negative side effects suffered by the product, although quite rare, Emily went ahead with trying out this sephora endorsed all-in-one shampoo, conditioner, and styling treatment. The treatment promises to work on any hair type depending on the formulation that is recommended on the bottle. As reported on bustle, the brand commends 10-16 pumps, 16-24 pumps and 24-32 pumps of the product for short, medium and long hair respectively.
Results were evident within the first day for Emily, for after applying the conditioner along her strands and massaging her scalp, her hair felt thicker. Also, the treatment seemed to aid in hair retention, so there was no falling off of hair strands while rinsing in the shower. The product nonetheless, sis has a greasy effect after a couple of hours but nothing a hot shower couldn’t fix.
After five days of using the Wen treatment, the hair tends to be a bit more shine and bouncy. Even though the product fails to have a positive effect on curls, the end results is much more gratifying with a healthier look clearly visible on your hair. This is another among many exciting products that Chaz Dean has brought in producing groundbreaking results in thousands of women’s hair.
Chaz, from an early age, drew his passion from his grandmother’s work with fabrics and his grandfather’s sleek and sculptural furniture work. His experience in photography drew him to trying to better the images he captured thus; he decided to venture into hair care and design. His aura of tranquility and calmness works to his advantage as he can reflect that to his clients and workmates. He sells his products on Guthy-Renker.

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San Diego Executive Brian Bonar Is Honored Once Again By Cambridge Who’s Who

Trying to list all of Brian Bonar’s accomplishments is a challenge. Dr. Bonar is considered a human resource specialist as well as a financial expert. Bonar is the Chairman, President, CEO, CFO & Secretary of the human resource company, Trucept Inc. Brian is also the CEO and President of Smart-Tek Automated Services. Bonar is also the Chairman and CEO of Amanda Co and Dalrada Financial Corporation. It’s no wonder that Bonar was recently honored by Cambridge Who’s Who as Executive of the Year in Finance.  Learn more about Brian Bonar:

The Executive of the Year honor goes to individuals in several different sectors of industry that display leadership, integrity and professional as well as academic achievements. Bonar received his undergraduate degree from the University of Strathclyde, and he earned an MBA and a doctorate from Staffordshire University.

Bonar has extensive experience in finance and human resource management. He was previously the CEO of Warning Management Services, Inc., and CEO of the Solvis group. He was Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for Rastek Corp. and Executive Director of Engineering at QMS Inc. Learn more about Brian Bonar: and

Brian Bonar has more than 30 years of professional management experience in the finance. As the CEO of Dalrada Corporation, he uses his human resource experience to help other companies deal with the changes in labor and employment laws. Bonar’s accounting background also helps his clients handle tax issues as well as payroll and employee benefit packages.

Even though Brian Bonar is busy helping his clients, he still has time to donate time and money to many charitable causes in San Diego. Brian recently opened the French Bistro, Bellamy’s. Bellamy’s is a few miles away from the Old Town district in San Diego, and the restaurant was an instant hit. He also invested in more than 400 acres near the city. Brian plans to develop an entertainment venue that will attract the locals as well as tourists.

But his main focus is maintaining a productive and efficient workplace for his clients. Outsourcing human resource functions create greater efficiency for small and large size companies, and the advanced human resource technology used by Bonar’s companies ensure a smooth and profitable operation. Bonar helps his clients spend less time doing paperwork and more time producing sales.  Read more: Brian Bonar Receives Professional Networking Community’s Highest Honor and Brian Bonar – Executive Bio, Compensation History, and Contacts

Not all human resource outsourcing companies are as effective as Bonar’s companies. Bonar and his team of executive go above and beyond when it comes to offering clients innovative tools that streamline HR procedures.

Being nominated for the Cambridge Award is an honor and Bonar appreciates the award committee for selecting him. It’s not the first honor bestowed on Bonar, and it won’t be the last. Brian’s next mission is to make San Diego a better version of Los Angeles, and that mission is working.

Preeminent Businessman Helping Raise Autism Awareness through Concerts

Sanjay Shah is a distinguished humanitarian and a famous business person. He was born in September 1970. He is the founder of Solo Capital Partners, Hedge-fund manager, founder and CEO of Autism Rocks, a beneficent association devoted to \subsidizing autism research. After his son’s diagnosis with autism, a neurological disorder in 2011, he established the organization.
Since starting to work with Autism Rocks, Sanjay Shah has consolidated his love for family and desire for music with his entrepreneurial spirit to collect funds for research and develop awareness for the neurological disorder. Autism Rocks is full of celebrations for everyone. He has joined hands with different artists in the music industry to raise awareness on autism personally. Before he begun Autism Rocks, Shah had tried working in the field of accounting, entrepreneurship. However, he has always had a soft spot for helping others.
This mental imbalance is life-changing, and funding research is a dangerous step to create a more prominent comprehension of the disease. Mr. Shah is acting by making an effort and is assisting analysts to open more doors to understanding the turmoil.
Situated in London, Autism Rocks, established in 2014, is an invite-only live event and charity occasion that brings issues to light and contributions for autism research. Sanjay Shah always had a yearning to contribute towards autism research but had no idea until one day Snoop Dogg, possibly the world’s most famous rapper, visited his Dubai home. Since then, he has persuaded renowned superstars like Prince, Drake, Michael Bublè and Lenny Kravitz to play gigs for the cause. Autism is a lifelong developmental disability where victims do not fully develop social relationships and communication skills. For him, it was easier to donate towards its research.
He had worked as a financier for Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, and Rabobank for almost 20 years. In 2008, he was unemployed, and he decided that he would start a life-changing project with the experience he had acquired.He set up his brokerage and principal trading and investment management venture. From that point forward, Solo Capital, as he named his young startup, grown over the years and employs more than 100 financial specialists in both London and Dubai. It likewise transformed Sanjay into a multimillionaire. That’s why when he approached the Dubai Autism Center in 2011 to ask how he could help, the supervisors told him know they were searching for funds to purchase another minibus, he bought a couple of Hyundai vehicles.


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The New THREADS 3.1 is launched by Securus Technologies.

Securus Technologies an innovative firm that provides solutions to crime and justice organizations. The major clients of the company are based in the northern region of America, and they include over 3400 behavior improvement institutions that accommodate roughly 1.2 million people. Securus Technologies’ physical headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas. Programs designed by the company serve purposes such as information monitoring, investigation, communication, biometric examination, self-service for inmates, emergency response, and incident control. The company is focused on providing it clients with excellent standards of software technology and therefore, it produces the best types of technological solutions that are available in the market. The aim of the company of being the most entrusted and reliable on the market is made possible by its designers, engineers, and technologists. The firm offers the best quality of customer service in the inmate communication sector.
The release of the new THREADS 3.1 upgraded version was recently announced by Securus Technologies. The new version is an all-embracing and superior “Big Data” examination tool, which cannot be compared to other similar applications in the inmate communication industry. The program was created from the initial Investigative Solutions software. It makes it easy for the operator to access an upgraded interface that will enable him or her to utilize the internet’s newest technologies, while still upholding the traditional superb analytical tool, which is familiar to the customers.

The newly launched version of the Securus software is user-friendly since it is easy to understand and performs better than the previous one. Kelly Solid, who is the company’s Business Management General Manager, stated that the THREADS 3.1 interface is efficient since all unnecessary functions have been removed to make navigation easy, and it has a new feature that enables operators to search for what they need.

The operation platform of THREADS 3.1 is upgraded from the regular Silverlight to HTML 5, which performs better and makes it possible to integrate with other solutions from the company such as the Secure Call Platform. It also provides a practical instrument for investigators to use in their activities. The development of the program was done to make it easy to use and therefore, one does not require to be trained to use it.

THREADS 3.1 has other new features, which include controlled real-time analysis, personalized mapping and printing, information-sensitive reports, and listening to SCP calls. Securus Technologies’ THREADS is the leading investigative solution for distinguishing and reporting doubtful inmate communication patterns, correlations, and associations.

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