Want Healthy And Great Tasting Food For Your Dog? Switch To Beneful Today

Beneful is a pet food brand by PurinaStore that is exclusively for dogs. Purina founded Beneful in 2001 and in 2012 Beneful was the fourth most popular dog food brand. They offer dry food, wet food, and snacks. Try one of these brands today.
Beneful Dry Dog Food: Original Adult
The original adult food brand features 3 flavors salmon, chicken, and beef. All three flavors are made with real meat and vitamin-rich vegetable. They have a balanced recipe with healthy ingredients and rich taste. Your dog will love the crunchy and moist textures. All flavors are free of meat by-products, wheat or wheat gluten, soy, dairy, and artificial colors.

Product Link: http://www.amazon.com/Beneful-Food-Originals-Real-15-5-Pound/dp/B001VJ0B0I

Beneful Dry Dog Food: Healthy Puppy
The healthy puppy food line is made with real chicken and has peas and carrots. Not only is it healthy, but your puppy will love its great taste. It has a calcium rich formula to help your puppy grow healthy and strong.

Beneful Wet Dog Food: Chopped Blends
Beneful‘s chopped blends food line has nine flavors. All nine flavors are made with real meat, vegetables, and grains. The chopped blends line has real food you’ll be able to see. All ingredients are finely chopped and blended for a texture your dog will love.
Beneful Wet Dog Food: Medlies
Beneful has a line of three medley flavors Romana Style Medley, Tuscan Style Medley, and Mediterranean Style Medley. The Romana Style Medley wet food is made with real chicken and fresh carrots, spinach, and pasta. The Tuscan Style Medley is made with real beef and fresh carrots, spinach, and rice. The Mediterranean Style Medley is made with real lamb and fresh tomatoes, spinach, and brown rice.

Product Link:https://www.beneful.com/products/wet-dog-food/

Beneful Healthy Smile Dental Twists
Beneful’s Smile Dental Twists taste great and are healthy for your dog. They help reduce plaque and tartar. They also support teeth and freshen your dog’s breath. Healthy smile dental twists are available in mini 8.4 oz pouches, large 8.4 pouches oz, and 20 oz pouches.

Beneful has much more healthy food lines for dogs of all ages and sizes. Go online and find your dog the perfect, yummy and healthy food today.