Marc Sparks: The Strive for Social Innovation

Marc Sparks is a famous entrepreneur that is widely known for his success in the business world and with other ventures he has taken on throughout his life. One of his most popular creations is derived as a positive spin on a regularly viewed program. We have all heard of the Shark Tank, but Sparks put his own twist on it creating the “Spark” Tank. Below we’ll look a little deeper into what Spark’s new business venture entails.

Marc Sparks is a man that invests heavily in charities and other such service entrepreneurship groups. His portfolio of companies ranges with a vast variety, but that has never taken away from his strides to help others. Therefore, one will find businesses in his portfolio that involve shelters for the homeless, housing units for at-risk youth, and other such places that assist the less fortunate. Marc took his inspiration from businesses he has previously invested in when coming up with the Spark Tank concept. Read more: Marc Sparks’s Books and Publications Spotlight

The idea behind the Spark Tank is to allow social service entrepreneurs to get off and running and receive some extra attention. Interested companies can apply to be featured in the Spark Tank in order to convince Marc and his team of analysts that they deserve the chance at $5,000. These companies each apply to be featured and go through a few rounds of cuts in hopes of being considered for the final $5,000 prize. This assists these start-up service groups at really getting their businesses off and running. Learn more about Marc Sparks:

By creating the Spark Tank, Marc Sparks has not only given these service companies a shot at some extra cash for funding their missions, but he has also given them some recognition and marketing for whatever their cause may be. By featuring all of these unique business ideas Marc hopes to find others who share the same ideals that he does and that they strive to do something that helps change the world in a positive manner. Read more: Marc Sparks – Dallas, Texas, United States, Timber Creek Capital