A Flower For Every Party

What does it take to throw an epically memorable party? According to DeJuan Stroud, who has planned some major events, environment, elements to hold attention and lighting are three major parts of the party planning process.

Mr. Stroud has great vision, passion and has first hand experience bringing people together. Telling Culture Map recently, “Number one is an exciting environment that also makes people comfortable as they settle into the party. Number two is elements that hold people’s attention. And number three is lighting that makes everyone look good.”

Southern charm with a touch of high class, to create a family style food service is the trendsetting party process according to DeJuan’s conversation with Culture Map’s, Shelby Hodge of Houston. Saying of current trends towards parties, “Family style food service – even for black tie events. Varying the types of seating at an event — long tables, round tables, banquette seating, and long high top tables, lounge seating – all at the same event. Flower arrangements that are simplified, perhaps containing only one type of flower.”

Flowers are the signature for success in DeJaun Stroud’s parties and events. Events thrown for memorable names like Bon Jovi and Donald Trump. You can get a captivating glimpse of some of these astounding pieces of floral art in his new coffee table book, ”Designing Life’s Celebrations.” This book delves in to his world of using a fascinating floral focus to create theme and memorable moments at any event. Mr. Stroud’s book includes some simple teaching tools to make your next party more memorable and colorful.

Event planning production and design is not all flowers and lighting. Companies like Twenty Three Layers based in New York City offer services that blend seamlessly with the same kinds of philosophies brought in by Dejuan Stroud and his vision.

Twenty Three Layers events bring color, class and individuality to every party they plan. Offering full service options that go beyond catering and include venue selection, providing a photographer and workshops to bring it all together in one complete package.

Learn more about Twenty Three Layers: http://twentythreelayers.com/