Houston Cultural Map

Dynamic and noted designer DeJuan Stroud is taking to the road! He is heading off to Houston to share some of his best design secrets, promote his upcoming book titled “Designing Life’s Celebrations,” and maybe provide some tips for others that he used for some of his best celebrity clients such as Donald Trump and Bon Jovi. As Stroud himself noted, working with such demanding customers can help to hone your practice and skills since they demand the very best of everything. Stroud strives to provide this in each and every one of his design layouts for homes and businesses. His floral and table arrangements range from simplicity (with only one flower on a table and standard color schemes) to complex bouquets and more. His dedication to perfection raises the bar for his own work as well as that of those around him!

Stroud also noted the complexity of proper event planning and its nuances. Those seeking a similar service to that of Stroud may be interested in Twenty Three Layers. This is a well-noted company in New York which has a fine reputation for detail. No matter how small or large the event may be, 23 Layers has the staff on hand who know just what to do to make that occasion lovely and memorable! They also take the next step for each aspect of the affair, including catering services, lighting,custom printing, and more. Some of their more notable entries incorporate theme parties such as a James Bond event in scenic Soho. Their satisfied patrons clearly cement the reputation of this fine group through their glowing testimonials. Most indicate that they would be happy to work with 23 Layers again in an ongoing capacity!

Creating a meaningful and memorable gathering can be difficult, but using an experienced designer or firm can help. Seek them out today for an unforgettable affair of your own to rival those of Stroud’s stories!