Want Healthy And Great Tasting Food For Your Dog? Switch To Beneful Today

Beneful is a pet food brand by PurinaStore that is exclusively for dogs. Purina founded Beneful in 2001 and in 2012 Beneful was the fourth most popular dog food brand. They offer dry food, wet food, and snacks. Try one of these brands today.
Beneful Dry Dog Food: Original Adult
The original adult food brand features 3 flavors salmon, chicken, and beef. All three flavors are made with real meat and vitamin-rich vegetable. They have a balanced recipe with healthy ingredients and rich taste. Your dog will love the crunchy and moist textures. All flavors are free of meat by-products, wheat or wheat gluten, soy, dairy, and artificial colors.

Product Link: http://www.amazon.com/Beneful-Food-Originals-Real-15-5-Pound/dp/B001VJ0B0I

Beneful Dry Dog Food: Healthy Puppy
The healthy puppy food line is made with real chicken and has peas and carrots. Not only is it healthy, but your puppy will love its great taste. It has a calcium rich formula to help your puppy grow healthy and strong.

Beneful Wet Dog Food: Chopped Blends
Beneful‘s chopped blends food line has nine flavors. All nine flavors are made with real meat, vegetables, and grains. The chopped blends line has real food you’ll be able to see. All ingredients are finely chopped and blended for a texture your dog will love.
Beneful Wet Dog Food: Medlies
Beneful has a line of three medley flavors Romana Style Medley, Tuscan Style Medley, and Mediterranean Style Medley. The Romana Style Medley wet food is made with real chicken and fresh carrots, spinach, and pasta. The Tuscan Style Medley is made with real beef and fresh carrots, spinach, and rice. The Mediterranean Style Medley is made with real lamb and fresh tomatoes, spinach, and brown rice.

Product Link:https://www.beneful.com/products/wet-dog-food/

Beneful Healthy Smile Dental Twists
Beneful’s Smile Dental Twists taste great and are healthy for your dog. They help reduce plaque and tartar. They also support teeth and freshen your dog’s breath. Healthy smile dental twists are available in mini 8.4 oz pouches, large 8.4 pouches oz, and 20 oz pouches.

Beneful has much more healthy food lines for dogs of all ages and sizes. Go online and find your dog the perfect, yummy and healthy food today.

How Companies Can Retain Employees And Maintain Their Reputations

High turnover rates are expensive for businesses. The cost of interviewing, hiring and training new employees consistently can be excessively damaging to any profit margin. In addition, the new employee will still often lack the familiarity of the company, relationship with clients and the skills that the trained and experienced employees before them possessed.


The goal is to keep employees for as long as possible. While there will always be some losses, it is possible to reduce the turnover rate to a minimal amount. It will save the company money and will be proof of a happier staff. The proven method of making this happen is not necessarily with higher pay or a more generous benefits package (although those do help), but with extra incentive rewards, acknowledgement of exceptional work and by improving management/employee communication.


This employee retention plan is one that Darius Fisher has put into place at his own company. Fisher, President of Status Labs, believes that one of the best ways to reduce loss and keep a happier staff is to work on the tips listed above. According to this article from PRWeek, that is not all Status Labs does to help companies thrive. His business assists others with their digital reputation, improves their online marketing campaigns and helps companies deal with reputation damaging reviews and rumors quickly and effectively.
Despite the fact that Fisher’s company is focused on improving the reputations of others, his own company and its needs have been important to him. Keeping his employees satisfied with their work and reducing the amount of hiring and training they have been required to do has helped his own business to grow.

More information for Status Labs:



Lime Crime, Indie Cosmetic Maker, Gains Popularity for Offering Bold and Unique Colors

If bright and airy is your style and you have a difficult time finding lip color to match your outfits you may find a match in Lime Crime. The eye-catching and cruelty free signature line of lip colors focuses on bright and bold colors such as neon green, gold, and aquamarine blue. Other offerings include eye liners and shadows in the same statement making shades. These nontraditional colors are the hallmark of the indie makeup cosmetics company and has united fashionistas and makeup lovers across the internet.

Lime Crime offers three lines of lip colors, each with their own take on the brand’s bold coloring. The Perlee and Unicorn lines offer lip colors in classic lipstick form. The more modern matte liquid lip colors are available in the Velvetine line. The Perlee line feature spectacular metallic shimmers while in contrast the Unicorn line features perfectly opaque pastel shades. In a world of classic red and muted nude lip colors Lime Crime has found a way to make a bold and unique statement.

About Lime Crime and Founder Doe Deere

Lime Crime was founded in 2008 in New York City by Doe Deere, according to their Facebook. Deere, unable to find inspiring lip colors to match her clothing line, created her own brand of cosmetics to fill in the gap and Lime Crime was born. In 2012 all of Lime Crime’s cosmetics formulations were change to be officially Vegan certified. Since then Deere has continued to design and offer the highest quality cosmetics under her Lime Crime brand. Aspiring make up artists are invited to share their creations featuring Lime Crime colors by including the hashtag #limecrime in their social media posts.

23 Layers of Style and Elegance

Jessica of the New York event design company Twenty Three Layers knew exactly where to look when she wanted to plan the best birthday party ever so her son Teddy.


Twenty Three Layers is an event planning company in NYC. They put all their time and effort into making sure that every event they plan reaches perfection. With so much attention to detail and an eye for the newest styles, it’s no wonder that they are sought after for all kinds of events, from birthday parties to big corporate functions. Everyone knows they are going to get exactly what they want with Twenty Three Layers.

From the very start of the planning stage you will see an attention to detail like no other. Nothing is spared when it comes to making sure that everything is exactly the way you want it. From the theme specific foods, to decorations that will wow every guest at the function, it’s no wonder people turn to Twenty Three Layers for events big and small.

Teddy’s birthday was no exception to the rule. Every corner of the event was filled with down home country fun. The entire party made you feel like you were out in the country on a farm. The crisp apple cider, strawberry cheesecake cups, and mini pies really added to the country feel of the party. Decorations like baskets, hay, wooden crates, and milk jugs made the environment seem to be slow paces and relaxing just like a hot country day. Gift baskets with homemade cookies and even a “big Red Barn” book for every guest just sealed the deal on this awesome occasion.

Twenty Three Layers provides so many services that it makes planning an event as easy as apple pie!

Teddy's table

Teddy's Birthday

Marc Sparks: The Strive for Social Innovation

Marc Sparks is a famous entrepreneur that is widely known for his success in the business world and with other ventures he has taken on throughout his life. One of his most popular creations is derived as a positive spin on a regularly viewed program. We have all heard of the Shark Tank, but Sparks put his own twist on it creating the “Spark” Tank. Below we’ll look a little deeper into what Spark’s new business venture entails.

Marc Sparks is a man that invests heavily in charities and other such service entrepreneurship groups. His portfolio of companies ranges with a vast variety, but that has never taken away from his strides to help others. Therefore, one will find businesses in his portfolio that involve shelters for the homeless, housing units for at-risk youth, and other such places that assist the less fortunate. Marc took his inspiration from businesses he has previously invested in when coming up with the Spark Tank concept. Read more: Marc Sparks’s Books and Publications Spotlight

The idea behind the Spark Tank is to allow social service entrepreneurs to get off and running and receive some extra attention. Interested companies can apply to be featured in the Spark Tank in order to convince Marc and his team of analysts that they deserve the chance at $5,000. These companies each apply to be featured and go through a few rounds of cuts in hopes of being considered for the final $5,000 prize. This assists these start-up service groups at really getting their businesses off and running. Learn more about Marc Sparks: https://twitter.com/msparks5010

By creating the Spark Tank, Marc Sparks has not only given these service companies a shot at some extra cash for funding their missions, but he has also given them some recognition and marketing for whatever their cause may be. By featuring all of these unique business ideas Marc hopes to find others who share the same ideals that he does and that they strive to do something that helps change the world in a positive manner. Read more: Marc Sparks – Dallas, Texas, United States, Timber Creek Capital

Wen By Chaz Works!

Do you struggle with your fine hair? Do you wish you could work wonders with your hair even on it’s roughest days? Do you struggle with people asking you how they can achieve hair? You’re not alone. There are thousands of women each year who struggle with their fine hair and find it unmanageable. Often times these same women are forced to resort to hair weaves and wigs just because they can’t seem to get the hair they want. It can seem to like a daunting task to have great hair but it can be achieved and this Bustle blogger recently showed us just how to do that.
In an exclusive article in Bustle this beauty blogger gave us a step by step tutorial of how she was able to use WEN By Chaz. This 3 in 1 hair care product worked wonders on her fine hair. As you watched the transformation in her hair you could not help but notice how her confidence flew through the ruff. It was an amazing transformation that left many readers in awe as they wondered if Chaz Dean’s products would work the same miracle for them on their not so great hair like it did for this blogger.

Official website: http://www.wen.com/

Product link:http://www.guthy-renker.com/products/beauty/wen-haircare/

JustFab Releases A New Plus Size Line

The JustFab plus size line was reported in The Curvy Fashionista, and it is a very important look at the way that women are dressing today. Women are getting more and more chances to embrace their bodies, and JustFab is making sure that they are giving women a way to dress that is going to work with their dimensions.

The new line of JustFab is something that helps women when they are looking for something that is actually made for their size. A lot of girls that wear plus size clothes have to go with things that hang on them, but these clothes are going to accentuate curves. That means that women are going to feel amazing when they are getting dressed, and they are going to have clothes that are just the same as clothes made for smaller women.

The normal size range in stores runs out pretty small, and fashions are made for the smallest models on the runway. The new line from JustFab is going to help women make sure that they are wearing something that looks great even though they are shopping in a size that does not always let them find things they want. Women can stop settling, and they can wear JustFab because they know it is going to work.
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They can also shop with their friends who wear smaller sizes for matching clothes. This used to be impossible because plus sizes and regular sizes were never made the same. JustFab is trying to make something that is accessible to women of all sizes, and the line is going to help women shop with some confidence because they know they will find something they want.

The dread that plus size women feel when they are shopping is going away with help from JustFab. The JustFab plus size line is very helpful for women who need something that uses their curves to their advantage, and it can be bought online on shoedazzle.com.

Perusing the online catalog is going to help women realize that they are going to find something that look fashion forward. They will stylish and beautiful in clothes made for their bodies.

Learn more about JustFab:

Venezuela’s Abysmal Oil Production

Things are getting more financially abysmal for Venezuela all the time. The once abundant oil producer, is seeing a rapid slowing of production and the face value of its notes falling billions of dollars constantly. Right now the oil production in Venezuela is down 188,000 barrels. The country is so bad off that it is unable to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to various companies as predicted by Jose Manuel Gonzalez, primarily the General Electric Company. Oil companies that have works in Venezuela are also scaling back operations in the country. The biggest of these companies is Schlumberger Ltd, who is the largest oil provider in the world.
Losing all of these companies will make an already hard task added Gonzalez-rebuilding the economy-so much harder. In fact, experts say that at this point things are so abysmal it is pretty much impossible to get it back off the ground ever again. The next few months will tell. For a more in-depth look at these matters read here.


A Flower For Every Party

What does it take to throw an epically memorable party? According to DeJuan Stroud, who has planned some major events, environment, elements to hold attention and lighting are three major parts of the party planning process.

Mr. Stroud has great vision, passion and has first hand experience bringing people together. Telling Culture Map recently, “Number one is an exciting environment that also makes people comfortable as they settle into the party. Number two is elements that hold people’s attention. And number three is lighting that makes everyone look good.”

Southern charm with a touch of high class, to create a family style food service is the trendsetting party process according to DeJuan’s conversation with Culture Map’s, Shelby Hodge of Houston. Saying of current trends towards parties, “Family style food service – even for black tie events. Varying the types of seating at an event — long tables, round tables, banquette seating, and long high top tables, lounge seating – all at the same event. Flower arrangements that are simplified, perhaps containing only one type of flower.”

Flowers are the signature for success in DeJaun Stroud’s parties and events. Events thrown for memorable names like Bon Jovi and Donald Trump. You can get a captivating glimpse of some of these astounding pieces of floral art in his new coffee table book, ”Designing Life’s Celebrations.” This book delves in to his world of using a fascinating floral focus to create theme and memorable moments at any event. Mr. Stroud’s book includes some simple teaching tools to make your next party more memorable and colorful.

Event planning production and design is not all flowers and lighting. Companies like Twenty Three Layers based in New York City offer services that blend seamlessly with the same kinds of philosophies brought in by Dejuan Stroud and his vision.

Twenty Three Layers events bring color, class and individuality to every party they plan. Offering full service options that go beyond catering and include venue selection, providing a photographer and workshops to bring it all together in one complete package.

Learn more about Twenty Three Layers: http://twentythreelayers.com/

Houston Cultural Map

Dynamic and noted designer DeJuan Stroud is taking to the road! He is heading off to Houston to share some of his best design secrets, promote his upcoming book titled “Designing Life’s Celebrations,” and maybe provide some tips for others that he used for some of his best celebrity clients such as Donald Trump and Bon Jovi. As Stroud himself noted, working with such demanding customers can help to hone your practice and skills since they demand the very best of everything. Stroud strives to provide this in each and every one of his design layouts for homes and businesses. His floral and table arrangements range from simplicity (with only one flower on a table and standard color schemes) to complex bouquets and more. His dedication to perfection raises the bar for his own work as well as that of those around him!

Stroud also noted the complexity of proper event planning and its nuances. Those seeking a similar service to that of Stroud may be interested in Twenty Three Layers. This is a well-noted company in New York which has a fine reputation for detail. No matter how small or large the event may be, 23 Layers has the staff on hand who know just what to do to make that occasion lovely and memorable! They also take the next step for each aspect of the affair, including catering services, lighting,custom printing, and more. Some of their more notable entries incorporate theme parties such as a James Bond event in scenic Soho. Their satisfied patrons clearly cement the reputation of this fine group through their glowing testimonials. Most indicate that they would be happy to work with 23 Layers again in an ongoing capacity!

Creating a meaningful and memorable gathering can be difficult, but using an experienced designer or firm can help. Seek them out today for an unforgettable affair of your own to rival those of Stroud’s stories!