George Soros Is Standing Up For Refugees

George Soros was talking to The New York Review of Books about how refugees are streaming through Europe, but he did not want to talk about the fear that some people feel over the way that people are coming in from the middle east. George Soros is a billionaire who understands how to spend responsibly, and he wants to see the countries in Europe that are taking on refugees spend their part to help these people.

The vision that George Soros has for Europe is pretty different from what most other people have because he knows that refugees can change everything for people if they want to. These people on are going to make it very easy to make money because they are industrious and will start their own businesses. The problem is that not every refugee is going to do that. These refugees are going to need to get some help when they turn up the first time, and the countries in Europe need to have an economic plan.

The economic plan that George Soros is talking will help these countries pay themselves back over time, and it will help them have a bigger tax base when they take on people who are moving in from out of the region. The region is a really big place where people will be able to make their way to a community that will welcome them, but all the EU leaders have to agree to this kind of plan. George Soros has a history of talking to world leaders, and he will get world leaders to understand where he is coming from so that he can help the refugees.

The people that are coming into Europe today on have no money to speak of, but there has to be an assistance plan that is going to help these people get jobs and start businesses. Small businesses make up a lot of the economy in Europe, and the only way for people to get what they need is to make sure that they come to a country where the administration has already agreed to a plan like what George Soros is talking about.

George Soros knows that some of the countries in Europe would do well to welcome these people because they will help with debt, and they will pay in taxes something that even some Europeans will not be able to pay. The people who are coming to Europe need some assurances, and they need to get those assurances from the people in government who are supposed to protect them. The protection that people get is going to come in the form of money that helps them get on their feet. These people are going to move fast from the streets to a lifestyle that is easy to maintain. They will start businesses that help everyone, and they will become members of society quickly. The fear in Europe needs to be replaced with a plan that George Soros is touting. The plan will help everyone get what they need.