Unlimited Lime Crime, Colors In Full Swing

Every feel that the colors in stores are not as vibrant as the clothing or hair colors now available? Never fear Lime Crime is here! Finally a company is here that can address those color needs none other seems to touch. Lime Crime gives the consumer the ability to explore fun new colors that are not only bold but give that ‘wow’ factor needed to express one’s self to the fullest.

If worry is there about cruelty testing for makeup products comes to mind there is nothing to worry about here. Lime Crime has been cruelty free since it’s birth in 2008. Doe Deere holds the integrity of her company at an all time high and is ever present in all of the developmental aspects.

Can’t find that bright color that you have been looking for? Another problem solved. Not only in the color selection but the many different variations of these colors for both lips and eyes. Lip wise there are Velvetines, Perlees, as well as the every popular Unicorn Lipstick. Don’t worry the eyes have not been forgotten! Different Palettes as well as Liquid Liners are available on Dolls Kill.

Lime Crime is also very dedicated to not only charities but it’s customers. Having founded and built the company from dedicated customers Lime Crimes will continue to do so for the many years to come. With a safe system in place for ordering Lime Crime is the best choice for those with vivid color needs. Have no fear bright colors are here, and here they will stay in Lime Crime.  Follow them on Facebook for more, otherwise Twitter provides real time updates on sales, and specials.