Color Me Beautiful

Doe Deere is the colorful founder and CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics, a cruelty-free cosmetics company with a vision as unique and creative as she is. She started her e-commerce company in 2008, naming it after her favorite color and the mindset that beauty “laws” were made to be broken.

Make-up, Deere believes, should be a joyful form of self-expression. She calls her customers “unicorns”: rare, magical creatures who bravely deck themselves head-to-toe in vibrant, unexpected color and who have a devil-may-care approach to fashion. Her company has enjoyed startling success, a testament that her vision has mass appeal and that perhaps unicorns are not as rare as one might think.

Rules to Break
Deere shares her take on seven fashion and beauty “rules” that were made to be broken:
• Don’t Wear a Bold Eye with a Bold Lip
Conventional wisdom holds that the face should have one focal point: the lips or the eyes. However, there is nothing conventional about Doe Deere or Lime Crime Cosmetics. More drama is more fun, Deere asserts.
• Don’t Mix Too Many Colors
Don’t be afraid of mixing different bright hues, insists Doe Deere. The trick is to coordinate multiple shades, not to avoid them. You can pull it off, she maintains, if you pull the same colors together through the whole ensemble.
• Don’t Mix Too Many Patterns
Deere loves print-on-print looks. To pull it off, she advises, keep the patterns in the same color scheme to complement one another.
• Don’t Wear Socks with Open-Toed Shoes
Why not? Deere asks. She believes socks are among the most appealing wardrobe accessories, and if you find fun, colorful pairs, you should show them off. She advises thinking of socks and shoes as partners, and pairing patterns and colors that show each other off.
• Stick to Wearing Black or Neutral Colors if Your Hair is an Unnatural Shade
Deere loves color and sees no reason to give up colorful clothes for colorful hair. “Pay attention to how your colors interact off each other,” she suggests, and “having rainbow hair shouldn’t stop you from going splashy with your hues.”
• You Have to Dress Your Age
“If you love it, wear it,” is Deere’s mantra. Age is merely a number, and there is no reason to give up personal preference or style because of it. True style, she opines, is ageless.
• Stick With Occasion-Specific Dressing
True to form, when it comes to this issue Deere says, “Wear what you want, when you want.” In other words, if you’re in a glittery mood, wear glittery clothes, even to the grocery store. Clothing should be a form of expression and should reflect your mood.