CCMP Capital Looses One of Its Longest Serving President, Steve Murray

CCMP Capital is an equity investment company that is quite popular in the United States. The company is headquartered in the New York City. Just like any other company, CCMP Capital started as a small company. It was actually a partnership between two families. At the start of the partnership, the institution was known as JP Morgan Partners.

After several years of operating as a partnership, the company managed to grow, but the partners decided to go their separate ways. In the year 2006, the original partners of the institution, JP Morgan Chase decided to break and go separately. CCMP Capital managed to do very well after the separation, and it has expanded so much opening more offices in different areas in the world. Since it was formed, CCMP Capital reports having used a lot of money in the form of transactions. The company reports to have more than twelve billion dollars in the transactions it has performed since the start of the institution.

CCMP Capital is managed by a group of qualified individuals and staff from different parts of the world. These employees work together as a team, and they have played a major role in the growth of the company. At the start, the organization had only one office that was found in the New York City. Today, the company has grown a lot, and it has open many branches in different parts of the world. Some of these companies are found in Hong Kong, Tokyo and London.

Since 2007, the company has been making several changes in the top management. In the year 2008, the top position of the CEO was given to Steve Murray, one of the founding members of the institution. Before him, Jeff Walker was the president of the institution. The chairperson position was given to Greg Brennenmen. Before these appointments, all these gentlemen were working for CCMP Capital, and they were chosen because they had a lot of knowledge in each and every detail of the company.

Steve Murray worked some time, but he left office to go for some medical checkups. His health deteriorated, and at the age of 52 years, he passed away according to fortune. The company was saddened by the loss, because according to them, they had lost an important part of the organization, and it would be difficult to get someone who would replace him and take responsibilities and duties better than he did.

The chairperson of the company, Greg Brennenmen took over the management of the company after the death of Steve Murray, but many experts in the field say that the task will be quite difficult for him. Most of the clients believe that the company might experience tough times because of the current situation.

George Soros Proposes 6-Point Plan To Help EU Address The Asylum Crisis

Billionaire philanthropist and financier George Soros is calling on the European Union to implement a comprehensive plan to address the increasingly urgent alysum crisis, urging member states to work together rather than focusing on their own interests.
In a September 29 Marketwatch article Soros said the EU’s failure to develop a common asylum policy has turned the influx of refugees into “yet another political crisis”. Soros outlined a six-point plan to address the situation, stressing that the solution is to establish effective governance and regulate the refugee inflow so it occurs at a pace commensurate with the EU’s ability to absorb the additional population.

Point one of Soros’ plan specifies that the EU must accept a minimum of a million refugees annually for the forseeable future, with the EU providing member states with 15,000 euros ($16,800) per asylum-seeker annually for two years to cover housing and other costs. These funds should be raised with the issue of long-term bonds, Soros said, noting that this would create a fiscal stimulus in the European economy.

Point two of George Soros’ Marketwatch plan involves the EU spearheading a global effort to provide funding to Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey, which are currently housing more than four million refugees. Soros said these frontline countries need at least 20 billions euros annually, and he called on the EU to make a commitment of at least 8 billion euros per year, with the US and other nations providing the balance.

Replacing the current patchwork of 28 separate asylum systems with a single EU Asylum and Migration Agency is the heart of the third point of the plan. This would streamline procedures and establish rules for employment, entrepreneurship, and consistent benefits, Soros said.

Points four and five of the George Soros plan include establishing safe channels to get asylum seekers to their destination country, extending safe avenues to the frontline region, cooperating with the UN Refugee Agency to establish processing centers, and establishing global standards for the treatment of asylum-seekers and migrants.

The final point of Soros’ plan calls for a mobilization of the private sector, reaching out to churches, businesses, and NGOs to act as sponsors as the EU absorbs and integrates more than a million refugees each year.

Soros noted that his plan differs substantially from that of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, who also recently proposed a six-point plan. Soros said Orbán’s plan subordinates human rights and threatens to divide the EU, while his plan reflects a “genuinely European asylum policy” that can put an end to panic and suffering.

Soros of the Open Society Foundations , a hedge fund investor with a net worth of $24 billion, is a noted philanthropist who has made over $8 billion in donations to public health, education, and human rights groups since 1979. In addition to making a $100 million pledge to Human Rights Watch in 2010, he donated $150 million to Gypsies via Roma Rights.

Soros according to manages the $28 billion Quantum Fund and is partnering with Silver Lake, a private equity firm, to invest in clean energy.

Unlimited Lime Crime, Colors In Full Swing

Every feel that the colors in stores are not as vibrant as the clothing or hair colors now available? Never fear Lime Crime is here! Finally a company is here that can address those color needs none other seems to touch. Lime Crime gives the consumer the ability to explore fun new colors that are not only bold but give that ‘wow’ factor needed to express one’s self to the fullest.

If worry is there about cruelty testing for makeup products comes to mind there is nothing to worry about here. Lime Crime has been cruelty free since it’s birth in 2008. Doe Deere holds the integrity of her company at an all time high and is ever present in all of the developmental aspects.

Can’t find that bright color that you have been looking for? Another problem solved. Not only in the color selection but the many different variations of these colors for both lips and eyes. Lip wise there are Velvetines, Perlees, as well as the every popular Unicorn Lipstick. Don’t worry the eyes have not been forgotten! Different Palettes as well as Liquid Liners are available on Dolls Kill.

Lime Crime is also very dedicated to not only charities but it’s customers. Having founded and built the company from dedicated customers Lime Crimes will continue to do so for the many years to come. With a safe system in place for ordering Lime Crime is the best choice for those with vivid color needs. Have no fear bright colors are here, and here they will stay in Lime Crime.  Follow them on Facebook for more, otherwise Twitter provides real time updates on sales, and specials.

Soros Leads the Fight to Restore Hope Among Hispanics


In what appears to bite back at a barking Donald Trump, liberal donors have pledged a $15 million commitment to mobilize Latinos as well as the rest of immigrants. In an article that appeared in the New York Times, George Soros and the other prominent donors hope to channel outrage at the political rhetoric of Trump and co. into a surge for November’s Democratic candidate.

This year’s polls appear to be constantly pulling first ones of all sorts. Among the ruthlessly broken of records is the amounts being spent. The $15 million spending will be largest Democratic voter-turnout effort ever, exclusively devoted to Latino and immigrant voters. If the impact will be proportional, the campaign is expected to pull the highest number of mostly Latino voters to Democrat side. The biggest beneficiary in this is expected to be Senator Bernie Sanders who is believed to hold the esteem of Hispanic and other immigrant voters.

The strong campaign is unfolding at a time when political statements have divided the American population into working-class whites versus immigrants. The working-class white brigade is being led by Trump while Sanders appearing to warm up for taking up the role of leading the Hispanic and other immigrants. While working-class whites are pushing for an end in illegal immigration, an alternative voice needs to be oiled to advocate for rights of immigrants.

George Soros is the single biggest contributor in the campaign, pledging to contribute a whopping $5 million to the super PAC. Soros is known to shake the political landscape where he always leaves a mark. Although he did not succeed to unseat President George W. Bush when he helped organize a failed $200 million voter-mobilization campaign, he caused a far reaching stir.

Soros believes in an open society for all. For this he founded, and is since the chairman of Open Society whose presence is felt in more than 100 countries around the world. A Hungary native himself, Soros has helped shape the politics of the United States by educating and organizing immigrants. He had a hand in helping end apartheid in South Africa, undermined communism in the Eastern Bloc, brought the Roma people of Europe into the mainstream and most importantly helped establish an international system of natural resources audit on extraction industries.

The beauty in Soros help to shape the United States politics, is in transparency over his source of cash. He has had far reaching success in the financial markets, something that gives him a higher hand over controversial issues. Soros stand in this year’s polls cannot be taken for granted.

Solo Capital and Sanjay Shah

A company that has taken London, England and the United Kingdom by surprise is called Solo Capital. Solo Capital is an investment firm that was founded and is owned by Sanjay Shah. The corporate office is actually located in the United Kingdom but there are offices in Dubai as well. Sanjay Shah founded the company in September 2011 after deciding that he was going to quit his accounting job and start his own brokerage business. They have several specialties that are solely concentrate on. They are proprietary trading, consulting and profession sports consulting. Sanjay Shah originally planned to give the business a solid year of hard work and dedication to give it a chance of thriving. After five years the company is now a million dollar business that has over 39 offices surrounding the area. Solo Group Holdings is owned and founded by Sanjay Shah as well, and they are responsible for controlling the operations of Solo Capital Partners. Sanjay Shah is also the owner of Aesa S.a.r.l and they are known to be the ones that control the Solo Group Holdings. The inter-linked companies are related through the business system Sanjay Shah has created. Not only does Sanjay Shah have a successful operating investment firm, he owns over 36 business throughout the country. He is definitely a successful business man with a solid net worth of $280 million. He has been very busy since he’s started Solo Capital, as well as before opening Solo Capital. In 2014 he decided to take over the Old Park Lane Capital. It is named as an invitation only stockbroker business that aims towards natural resources. His successful offices in London and Dubai have helped him to be able to retire as he continues on with his other pursued businesses and passions.

Shah was a med student while he attended King’s College. After deciding he didn’t want to become a doctor he turned his career to accounting, and that is how he’s laid the foundation for the business structures he has today. He is actually from Kenya and migrated to Central London with his family to pursue his dreams.

His recent passion has been involved with a charity that he has founded called Autism Rocks. It is an invite only concert that is used to raise awareness and donations for autism. He sat down with his friend Snoop Dogg over a cup of tea, and as they started talking he realized that he wanted to get back into the music industry. He has staged many gigs with some pretty big music artists to help aid in donations and raise awareness. There is no cure for autism, but he hopes that someday they can better understand the condition.

Color Me Beautiful

Doe Deere is the colorful founder and CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics, a cruelty-free cosmetics company with a vision as unique and creative as she is. She started her e-commerce company in 2008, naming it after her favorite color and the mindset that beauty “laws” were made to be broken.

Make-up, Deere believes, should be a joyful form of self-expression. She calls her customers “unicorns”: rare, magical creatures who bravely deck themselves head-to-toe in vibrant, unexpected color and who have a devil-may-care approach to fashion. Her company has enjoyed startling success, a testament that her vision has mass appeal and that perhaps unicorns are not as rare as one might think.

Rules to Break
Deere shares her take on seven fashion and beauty “rules” that were made to be broken:
• Don’t Wear a Bold Eye with a Bold Lip
Conventional wisdom holds that the face should have one focal point: the lips or the eyes. However, there is nothing conventional about Doe Deere or Lime Crime Cosmetics. More drama is more fun, Deere asserts.
• Don’t Mix Too Many Colors
Don’t be afraid of mixing different bright hues, insists Doe Deere. The trick is to coordinate multiple shades, not to avoid them. You can pull it off, she maintains, if you pull the same colors together through the whole ensemble.
• Don’t Mix Too Many Patterns
Deere loves print-on-print looks. To pull it off, she advises, keep the patterns in the same color scheme to complement one another.
• Don’t Wear Socks with Open-Toed Shoes
Why not? Deere asks. She believes socks are among the most appealing wardrobe accessories, and if you find fun, colorful pairs, you should show them off. She advises thinking of socks and shoes as partners, and pairing patterns and colors that show each other off.
• Stick to Wearing Black or Neutral Colors if Your Hair is an Unnatural Shade
Deere loves color and sees no reason to give up colorful clothes for colorful hair. “Pay attention to how your colors interact off each other,” she suggests, and “having rainbow hair shouldn’t stop you from going splashy with your hues.”
• You Have to Dress Your Age
“If you love it, wear it,” is Deere’s mantra. Age is merely a number, and there is no reason to give up personal preference or style because of it. True style, she opines, is ageless.
• Stick With Occasion-Specific Dressing
True to form, when it comes to this issue Deere says, “Wear what you want, when you want.” In other words, if you’re in a glittery mood, wear glittery clothes, even to the grocery store. Clothing should be a form of expression and should reflect your mood.

George Soros Political Donations Help Candidate

People are lining up to vote. The ballot boxes are ready. The signs are outside lined up for people to view. Candidates such as Sanders is doing well. Cruz is running around third but first is Hillary Clinton. Former First lady turned politician. She is ready to take on the United States and is going to continue where Barack Obama stopped off. The different candidates are falling into their roles and campaigning heavily all over the United States. None seems to be passive. They are keeping in touch with their opportunities and potentials. Their campaign managers are watching the markets, the trends, and are making sure they are keeping their candidates in tune with what is going on.
George Soros is a billionaire financier that is financing Hillary Clinton’s Campaign just like he did Bill Clinton’s campaign years ago. His campaigns to Hillary are pushing millions. He has his predictions on the economy and is not scared to voice it. He does believe there is a crisis developing with the global market just like in 2008. According to the Iowa polls, Hillary is leading in Iowa. Is this because of her campaign skills? Some people predict it may be because she is a female. It is evident that Hillary knows a lot about politics and does have some good points. George Soros, a millionaire investor, has invested over one billion dollars in campaigns. He is worth $24.5 Billion.

People have their own opinions on the different candidates. The support is pouring in for several of them. Contributors generally donate to one particular candidate and will continue to follow their candidate throughout the election. George Soros is recognized as one of the top political contributors. He came from England as a teenager. After coming to the United States, first as a refugee, he got serious and attended college. He learned how to make money and by 2011, he was worth around 27 billion. He has a reputation for being a fantastic investor and can possibly give Hillary Clinton some great advice.

George Soros has strong feelings regarding politics and the economy. He understands the importance of the world’s economy. He can tell all about the weakness in the world’s economy and will sit down with you to explain in detail. Check out the article here: politic/story/2016/01/hillary-clinton-george-soros-218494 . This will help you to understand him better. Tune into the podcasts and future articles for information on the campaign and how the economy is heading according to Soros.