Beneful Dog Food

Beneful is a brand of dog food produced by Nestle Purina Petcare, a company who is also a major supplier of multiple lines of highly acclaimed pet foods. The brand was started in 2001 and has introduced multiple different lines of dog food products since its start to cater to a large variety of breeds. In 2012, Beneful was placed as the fourth most popular dog food brand and has held that place in the years since.The brand is currently one of Purinas best selling product lines and has wonderful reviews in the pet owner community. Beneful caters to the canine crowd exclusively and the company’s purpose is to fill the bowls of dogs everywhere with a healthy and nutritious alternative to standard dog food. Beneful produces a wide variety of different products including both wet and dry dog foods as well as delicious treats. Each flavor is made with all natural ingredients like real meat and fresh vegetables in order to create a unique blend of tasty dog food with good nutritional value. The company even produced a Healthy Harvest line that features soy as its main ingredient as an alternative to meat. Beneful provides several different kinds of textured foods to appeal to a variety of different dogs and breeds. Textures vary from chunky blends to finely diced blends, all with a wide selection of flavors. Beneful‘s treat products also come in a variety of flavors and are made with the same wholesome ingredients found in their food. Each of the selection of treats are oven baked and are available in many different textures.