Distillery Expansion Attracts Dick DeVos Investment

Coppercraft Distillery has been one of the successes of the Michigan economy in recent years after expanding since establishment in 2013 to supply liquor drinks to more than 100 locations. MLive reports the growth of the company had made finding investment an important aspect of the future of the company for founder Walter Catton III who has been seeking to expand the company beyond the Michigan area. The Dick DeVos backed Windquest Group has recently seen an application for the liquor license held by Coppercraft to be transferred to its name as the first stage of investing in the company.

The plans for expansion include a wide range of options being discussed by Catton III as possible avenues to explore for the future, including the expansion of the distribution network beyond the 100 locations already served. The chance to make the distillery itself a popular location is also being explored as the 50 seater tasting room is an area also to be upgraded; Walter Catton III believes the addition of a kitchen could provide a boost to the future of the company and the Holland Township it is located in.

Dick has spent the majority of his career with AmWay, but also looks to make sure the people of the state of Michigan are an integral part of the success of the company. Through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation a number of charter schools have been established in Michigan providing a specialized education for the youth of the state.

Entering a new industry is often a moment of fear for many business people, but for Dick the need to expand his own horizons has led him to some of the most high profile industries in the world. Following the DeVos family taking control of an NBA franchise it was Dick DeVos who made sure the Orlando Magic had the best chance of success by controlling the day to day running of the club. Read more about Dick’s career here >> http://www.newnetherlandinstitute.org/history-and-heritage/dutch_americans/richard-dick-devos-jr/

A final decision must be made by state authorities on the transference of the liquor license to Windquest Holdings, but the move to ownership of Coppercraft has already begun for Dick DeVos. The acquisition of the Coppercraft Distillery will add to the business ventures held by Windquest, which also include Reserve Wine and Foods and Boxed Water.’

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