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Doctor Sergio Cortes and Other Doctors Warn Mothers about Zika Virus

Mothers in Brazil are dealing with a mosquito-borne illness called the zika virus. Many of these women, like Marilla Lima of Natal, Brazil, wonder what the future holds for their sons and daughters who are born with microcephaly. According to the National Public Radio, children born with microcephaly have extremely small heads and severe brain damage.
Zika virus arrived in Brazil less than a year ago. Marilla, a lawyer, was having a normal pregnancy when she started to feel like she had the flu. Going to the doctors for what she assumed was a normal checkup and treatment for the flu proved that she had been bitten by a mosquito carrying the virus. Sonograms showed that her son had a small head. When he was born, doctors at Januário Cicco Maternity Hospital determined the boy had microcephaly because of the zika virus. Doctors at the hospital are treating 17 other cases.
Marilla says that the Brazilian government has done very little to stop the disease, although they have finally sent the army to try to eradicate mosquitos carrying the disease. Marilla’s only hope lies in doctors like Doctor Sergio Cortes, who along with colleagues are trying to develop a vaccine to protect women from the disease.
Dr. Cortes says that the Ministry of Health is working with the World Health Organization to try to combat the situation. He says that the northern part of Brazil is the most affected with over 1400 cases being reported across 14 different Brazilian states. Cases have been found in more than 300 different cities greatly stretching governmental resources. Outside of Brazil, the Zika virus has been found by noticias in nine Latin American countries including Mexico and Columbia.
In the United States, the Center for Disease Control has issued a warning for all pregnant women to avoid traveling to an area where the Zika virus has been confirmed. If a woman believes that she has contacted the virus, then her serum or amniotic fluid should be checked. If the virus is found to be present, then the fetus should be carefully monitored via serial ultrasounds every three weeks. If problems occur, then the Center for Disease Control suggests referring the mother to a pregnancy management infectious disease specialist.
Compounding the problem for mothers like Marilla, Brazil does not seem equipped to handle the onslaught of children with microcephaly. Children with this disease are often born blind and deaf. They can be very difficult to soothe and usually have a poor eating mechanism leading to problems with breastfeeding. Marilla says that she gets very little sleep and often wonders if she will awake to find her son dead since children with this condition seldom live to see their tenth birthday.

Finding Greater Value In An Unlimited Data Cell Phone Plan

Saturday, January 16, 2016, at the the article, “Are unlimited data cell phone plans on their way back?” discussed AT&T’s latest experimentation with unlimited data plans for smart phone customers. Other data carriers who offer unlimited data plans include StraightTalk and Boost Mobile, were not included in the article, and offers only 1 GB of 4G data with the same stipulation that once the customer reaches the data limit, their data speed will drop from 4G to 3G, just as AT&T proposes for their new unlimited data plan. However, AT&T is reportedly offering unlimited data to customers must if they also subscribe to its Direct TV services. AT&T purchased Direct TV last year for $48.5 billion and the TV service is provided for an additional $10 a month, or customers can also qualify for the unlimited data plan if they have home TV service through AT&T’s U-verse.

The article examines the big 4 wireless carriers, AT&T, Verizon, T-mobile and Sprint and how they are offering unlimited data to their customers. AT&T and Verizon, the two biggest wireless carriers, no longer offer unlimited plans to new customers, but it is available to those who subscribed before it was eliminated at hiked up prices. T-mobile and Sprint, ranking 3rd and 4th, do offer unlimited plans to new customers but their speeds also reduce after they reach the data cap of 23 GBs, the equivalent of watching 25 hours of HD videos a month. According to the article, T-mobile’s “Binge On” plan that lets customers stream videos without it counting against their data cap may have prompted AT&T’s decision to once again offer unlimited data plans. It may also have influenced Verizon and Sprint in their decision to lower their prices. There is a newcomer on the scene that provides wireless service in the US and is expanding to the UK and Belgium who may also influence pricing in the future. FreedomPop was created in 2011, founded by Stephen Stokols, CEO, and Steven Sesal, COO. FreedomPop has been providing free mobile services, including data, text and voice, on mobile phones, tablets and broadband devices through Clearwire and Sprint networks. It began selling 4G hotspot services in 2012 through Clearwire, and, after partnering with Sprint in 2013, offers a free mobile phone plan that included voice, text and data services.

In 2014, FreedomPop offered free LTE android smart phones a 4G data, voice and text plan for tablet users, and, in January 2015, offered a new WiFi plan that allowed users to take advantage of a network of almost 10 million WiFi hotspots throughout the country for only $5 a month. Its free mobile data, voice and text plan expanded to the UK through a sim-only service. FreedomPop, known as America’s free mobile service company, announced the launch of its LTE phone lineup that included the Samsung Victory, Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4 that also included the free 500 MB of data, 200 voice calls and 500 free text messages each month. These free services are already available FreedomPop users. It also announced a $20 a month Unlimited Everything Plan. FreedomPop also has a free app for androids that allow users access to free voice and text messaging. Steven Sesar, COO of FreedomPop said that it has upgraded their device portfolio which also included the new iPhones.

FreedomPop states its mission as to deliver free and fast mobile services to all Americans, which should have the big four wireless carriers worried about their place at the top. To find out more about FreedomPop, its free and pay services, and the many devices available, visit

Soros Books Burned in Russia


The Soros Charity has been the subject of a book-burning campaign in Russia this week after the government cited the foundation as a threat to national security in late November 2015.

The book burning took place in the Komi Republic, after university libraries were searched in December to uncover any works written by Soros or published by his foundations. More than 470 books were confiscated and either shredded or burned by local authorities. Held at the Vorkuta Mining and Economics College, the burning was apparently ordered by local educational authorities, with The Telegraph reporting that another local institution, the Ukhtinsky State Technical University, had been asked to remove books published by the George Soros Foundation from its library.

According to CNBC, both the Open Society Foundations and the Open Society Institute were classed as “undesirable” entities in Russia late last year, with a press release from the Russian government describing the groups as representing “a threat to the foundations of the constitutional system of the Russian Federation and the security of the state”. The two groups are now unable to operate in the country as NGOs.

Soros has engaged in significant work in Ukraine since the EuroMaidan conflict began. In October of last year, Soros published an editorial in the New York Review of Books in which he argued that the sanctions against Russian on behalf of the West were “necessary but not sufficient” and argued for providing significant financial support to Ukraine and that democratic reforms in the country would be seen as a threat by Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Soros has recently remarked that the recent global economic downturn is reminiscent of the large market crash in 2008, noting that the crash in Chinese markets could start to significantly affect other world economies and could hinder the ability of Europe to emerge from their own issues with debt after the Greek Eurozone crisis.

It is unknown whether or not similar burnings of works published by George Soros or his foundations have or will be held across Russia. The Russian Minister of Culture, Vladimir Medinsky, has promised to investigate the incident in the Komi Republic, stating that book burning is “completely unacceptable”.

Shoemakers In New York Are Selling Direct

Shoemakers in New York like Paul Evans have chosen to sell direct to their customers, and a recent article by Bloomberg highlights the need for a change in the men’s shoe market. Shopping in a department store is not something that most men will find pleasurable, and shopping online is much simpler. This article explains how leather shoes designers are presenting new fashions to men through the miracle of the Internet.

#1: Designers May Be More Fashion-Forward

Fashion-forward designers who have something to say no longer need to appease the department stores where their shoes were sold, and the designs will be more daring than ever before. Designers like Paul Evans have permission to designer the things they love, and men will have a greater catalog from which to choose their shoes. Men will come out looking better, and prices will be more reasonable.

#2: Eliminating Markups

The markups in the department store will send the prices for shoes through the roof in many cases. Men often have a limit on how much they will spend, and their favorite shoes often exceed this limit because of markups. A man who has an online store to shop in will save money on their shoes, and that brilliant design they once lusted after will be affordable.

#3: Improving Customer Service

Customer through a show website is often better than the customer service offered by associates in a store. The store experience can be crowded or rushed, but the online experience offers men as much time as they need to shop. Each item that is purchased is chosen in a man’s own time, and he is not overpaying for a rushed or loud experience.

#4: Paul Evans Creates The Best Designs

The best designs in the fashion industry are created in the studio of Paul Evans. Paul is an amazing designer who creates modern styles for the modern man. Paul understands what is necessary to make a man look good, and his shoes cover a large range of styles and colors. Paul has thought of everything, and his shoes are available online.

Shoemakers such as Paul Evans are designing the future for men in New York City, and online sales are making every shoe more accessible. Paul Evans have distinguished himself from other designers in the industry, and his selections are available at fair prices for men who want to try something new.

New York City Is Shattering Records In The Real Estate Market

The New York Times recently published an article highlighting the real estate situation in New York City, specifically the increasing property values and the high sale prices for finer pieces of property in the city. The article lists several examples, which illustrate the rising values of real estate in the world’s largest city. A skyscraper penthouse in the Midtown area of the city known for housing billionaires and their investments closed at a sale price exceeding $100 million, and it was the centerpiece for Extell Development. A condo facing Central Park closed at an incredible price as well, and it had almost reached a sale close to the nine-figure mark. Manhattan, an area famous for its upscale and desirable properties, was also setting records in 2015 for its co-op properties, condos and townhouses. The popularity of Brooklyn is also on the rise. More people are wanting to live in Brooklyn due to its rising desirability, and there was a record setting sale for a home in Cobble Hill.

The city is setting records for sales all over its many neighborhoods, and properties are being purchased and developed by a host of wealthy people who all have a net worth in the billions. The article listed a host of other properties and developments, which were closing at astronomical and record sale prices in 2015. Real estate experts are predicting the trend of huge sale prices to continue. The experts are also forecasting even more sale prices to continue to break records in 2016 and the years to come with the influx of billionaires coming into New York City to purchase and invest in property developments and the real estate companies developing and brokering the huge deals like Town Residential. Billionaires are not the only people buying, selling and investing in the development of real estate in the city. A host of celebrities have joined in the booming real estate market of New York City too.

Town Residential is a popular real estate company in New York City known for property development, aiding in the purchase of property and also assisting in the listing and sale of high-end properties. The company even has a host of listings on its website for properties to rent.

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