New York Real Estate Owners Enjoying High Sales Volumes

Town Residential is New York’s top luxury real estate services firm. Whether a buyer prefers a residence on the Upper East Side or Midtown, Town Residential has property in preferred New York neighborhoods. Established in 2010, the company has grown handling gorgeous residential facilities under the guidance of Andrew Heiberger. As co –founder Andrew Heiberger has scored a winning marketing strategy.

The demand for New York luxury real estate from Town (Reported in the Real Deal) is soaring with a rise in sales and per square foot pricing. Apartment homes are selling fast and Town Residential is sitting in the midst of this growing industry. New York is and has always attracted the interest of the world and luxury housing is rising in sales. While the world continues to “beat a path to the door” of this world classed city. Both commercial and residential properties are seeing tremendous increase in demand, adding up to financial prosperity.

Town Residential’ sales staff is highly professional with a collective knowledge of the industry. This makes a quality team for assisting potential leaser’s and buyers, with locations in SoHo, West Village, Gramarcy Park, the financial district and others in the New York area. Potential residents have valuable options to choose from when serviced by this firm. Town Residential has developments in prime locations. Access to the best in community facilities in New York is available to those leasing or purchasing property from this conglomerate.

Locations are sophisticated and within easy reach of stores, restaurants and other venues. Some of New York’s most recognized landmarks are only steps away from many Town Residential locations. The landscapes surrounding Town Residential locations are historical and inviting to the eye. Since many prominent citizens frequented areas in the past, this company’s luxury residences are in high demand.

In the beginning days of November one Company sold at least seventy luxury residences. These retailed for over four million dollars each, multiplied seventy times adds up to a tidy sum for any business. This prosperity may bring in other investors hoping to capitalize on the increasing demand for New York real estate.

A Social Approach to Online Dating

Dating in general can be a mix of excitement and frustration, even in the best of circumstances. Online dating typically makes dating an even more complicated process. Members of online dating sites often relate how difficult it is to meet genuinely nice people who also happen to share the same interests. Frustrating experiences with dating apps and websites often lead singles to believe they may never really find that special someone. There are hundreds of dating apps out there that connect people all over the world with just a smartphone or a computer with an internet connection and sadly, most of them seem to be the same. Some sites even lure daters with promises of compatibility and even eventual marriage, though these often turn out to be nothing more than empty promises.

Most modern dating apps and websites were not designed to help singles genuinely get to know each other nor do they take into consideration common shared interests among their subscribers. All too often, typical dating sites become more about finding Mr. Right Now instead of finding Mr. Right. Then there is the ongoing problem of not truly knowing who is on the opposite end of the app and the risk of an unexpected surprise on the first date. These dating situations can be disheartening to even the most savvy dater.

With so many dating sites popping up, it is often hard to tell them apart since they all essentially serve the same purpose – to connect people with each other. The Skout app is more than just a dating app and it takes a unique approach to dating in an effort to shift how online dating is viewed. The Skout mobile application features a blog with helpful dating advice from real people, uses social interaction as an integral part of the dating process and encourages meet-ups among members. The Skout user base spans the globe and each member has access to thousands of people in dozens of countries.

Skout’s user interface allows users to integrate their work and social contacts in addition to their Skout contacts, which makes an interesting mix of the comfortable and familiar with new and unknown. Subscribers are connected to people with the same shared interests and frequently meet up for social activities, fostering strong friendships and relationships in general. Skout was developed in 2007 and has continuously grown thanks to their commitment to their loyal subscribers who consistently give the Skout mobile app rave reviews.

Andy Wirth Looks Forward to Connecting Two Ski Resorts With Gondola

In an article published in Powder Magazine titled “Squaw Valley, Alpine Meadows Announce Base-to-Base Gondola,” Andy Wirth was interviewed about connecting the two ski resorts with a gondola to transport skiers between the two areas. In 2011, the owners of Squaw Valley purchased Alpine Meadows merging the two resorts. Even with the merger, the two resorts are on two separate properties that are divided by a private property. In order to solve the problem of having skiers choosing between one or the other resort, CEO Andy Wirth and the owner of the private property, Troy Caldwell, have agreed to have a gondola built to connect the two resort areas that skiers can use to travel between the two areas.

Andy Wirth became president and CEO of Squaw Valley in August 2010, and when Alpine Meadows merged with Squaw Valley in September of 2011, he became president and CEO of Alpine Meadows as well. Andrew graduated from Colorado State University, and he comes from a family with a history of working in local and national parks. He spent 20 years working for Steamboat Ski and Resort in Colorado and rose to become its chief marketing officer and executive vice president of sales and marketing. At the same time he worked for Steamboat’s parent company, Intrawest, in which he managed its domestic and global marketing strategy for all of its mountain and ski resort holdings. He was recently named chair of he Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board.
In the interview, Andy says connecting the two resorts has been a goal ever since the founding of Squaw Valley Ski Resort in 1949, but the connection had only been tried through lawyers and litigation. Andy figured that if he developed a relationship with the owner of the land that separates the two resorts, then there would be a better result. Once there friendship developed, Andy and land owner Troy Caldwell began to share the same vision of connecting the two resorts in an environmentally friendly manner. Andy is looking forward to the community providing their input and involvement into the gondola project and plans to continue to improve the quality of the product and services the resorts provide. This article can be found at