Jason Hope: American Futurist

Jason hope has experienced great success in the field of technology. He grew up in Arizona and went on to receive his MBA from Arizona State University school of business. Since then he has become one of the most prominent futurists and entrepreneurs in the region.Jason has spent the vast majority of his professional life in the pursuit of technology. Jason believes that technology is the primary driving force for change in the world. He has learned how to market and reach out to individuals outside of the technology community in order to share new developments. When asked what his first significant technological development was Jason responded that it was in the mobile communications industry. After completing his education, he developed a mobile communications company which is known as Jawa.

This company is now the parent company of several tech subsidiaries and is one of the leaders in the tech industry.Due to his own experience as an entrepreneur, Jason has given grants to students and young entrepreneurs in order to help provide them with funding to get their ideas off of the ground. He receives submissions through his personal website, and cherry picks the best ideas that he believes are worth investing in. Jason believes that the next big thing in the tech industry will be the Internet of things. The Internet of things is a network of interconnected devices and people. It has been around for several years, but it is becoming more mature. As new devices are launched into the market, they are growing more and more connected.

This has the potential to revolutionize interactions. Jason believes that the Internet of things can help to create a sustainable world for the future.When asked for advice that he would give young entrepreneurs Jason has stated that it is essential to keep the big picture in mind rather than focusing only on the small details. It will be much easier if you keep an eye on the grand scheme of things instead of overextending yourself by focusing on the minutia.Jason believes that one of the most important keys for success in today’s world is online marketing. If you could learn how to market yourself online efficiently, you will always be able to fall back on it. It is necessary to successfully launch a new product or service. In fact, it is almost as important to have a high-quality digital marketing strategy as it is to have a high-quality product itself.

A Brief History Of An Engineering Marvel

The Trabuco, also known by the original French name, Trebuchet, is an ancient siege weapon used to fling large stones into fortifications in order to knock them over for a better chance at a successful invasion.

The weapon was originally created to mirror the sling, a simple anti-personal weapon made from a leather strap and a wooden pole. The wielder of the sling, also known as a skirmisher, would quickly load a round stone into the cradle of the strap, swing the strap over their head and then release it. The momentum built up from the skirmisher moving the weapon in a circular motion allowed the stone to be thrown a considerable distance. The purpose of the attached pole was to increase momentum as a lever. The same concept holds true for the much larger Trabuco according to dicionarioinformal.com.br. Instead of a single man loading a stone into a leather strap the Trabuco required a team of operators to load and fire, with a large bag filled with a multitude of heavy rocks. The large wooden war machine used a counterbalance system to launch the heavy projectiles a far distance, shattering defenses and killing large quantities of soldiers.

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The first records of the use of a Trabuco were found in ancient China, where a smaller version was used by a team of two to three soldiers. The soldiers would spin their version of the weapon, much like how an ancient skirmisher would, and hurl the projective a lengthy distance. This would be replaced by a counterbalance version later.

This impressive siege weapon was feared throughout ancient times and into the middle ages. It evolved from a simple pulley system into a sophisticated counterbalance system in the Crusades according to lista.mercadolivre.com.br. What officially made the Trabuco obsolete was the emergence of gunpowder. The strowing of stones was replaced by the ability to quickly blow something up or fire solid balls of iron into stone walls. Even though it was replaced the Trabuco is still an impressive weapon and a marvel of engineering. Its complexity is only matched by how easy of a concept it is to create.

Find more about Trabuco: https://www.infopedia.pt/dicionarios/lingua-portuguesa/trabuco

Fabletics Uses Kate Hudson’s Power to Help Women

Fabletics is a brand that has always been growing. In fact, they are a big part of the disruption section of the fashion industry and they know what they can do to help people with the issues they are facing while they are picking out the perfect clothes for working out. When Kate Hudson joined the brand, she knew she would be an integral part of it and also knew she would be able to make sure people could see her for what she was. She is an ambassador and continues to be one since she loves the brand and loves the people she can help.


Kate Hudson hs always remained firm in her belief of the brand. She knew the brand would continue to thrive as long as it was getting the attention it deserved. She also knew things would get better for the entire fashion industry thanks to Fabletics. Now, she has started to see the changes that are happening in the brand and that’s what has made a huge difference in the things they are doing. She believes the brand will continue to thrive no matter what happens in the industry or what happens with other brands that are similar.


For Fabletics, a big part of the brand is connecting with their customers. They know about the customers and what they need thanks to the Lifestyle quiz. When customers take the quiz, they’ll have a chance to use the personal stylists. The stylists will look at the different answers each of the customers chose while they were doing the quiz. They can then use the answers to design outfits that are perfect for each of the customers. Doing this allows Fabletics to always have the perfect outfits for their customers and it helps them make sure they are doing things in a way that makes sense.


As more people begin to catch onto the Fabletics brand, they are learning about how the company can make a difference. The company has always wanted people to realize they can do more with their athleisure wear and that is part of how the fashion brand has worked since the beginning. Since customers know what they are getting and can be confident in the options they have, they can continue using Fabletics for all the fashionable athleisurewear they need to feel good about themselves while they are working out or lounging around.

Why You Should be an Agora Financial Customer

When you are planning in setting long-term personal financial goals, one of the most important things that you will need to be able to do is invest in the stock market and in other areas. While investing in the stock market should seem like a simple task, the stock market and other investment opportunities available have become very complex over time. Due to the complexities of investing, finding a solution for education materials and investing assistance could be very beneficial.

One company that has continued to provide investment education Solutions and materials to investors all over the world is Agora Financial. Agora Financial is based out of Baltimore, Maryland, but currently provide services and products to investors and more than 100 countries located across the world. The company has been in business for more than a decade and currently has more than 80,000 dedicated customers.

When you are a customer of Agora Financial, you will receive a number of different products and services that can help you to become a better investor. The company has become best known for its regular newsletter that is provided to all of its customers. The newsletter will always discuss the latest trends in the investment world as well as risks that people need to look out for and diversify against. The company also has a wide range of investment books and online classes that can be used to learn even more about different investment theories and strategies.

If you are looking for a more in-person education experience, the company also has a number of different investment seminars every year. The company tends to hold them in different major cities located across the United States. At these events you can meet other people looking to learn, network, and meet with a variety of successful investment professionals.

Securus Technologies Making It Easier for Inmates to Sustain Incarceration

The inmate communication sector has become more competitive than ever before these days, and it is primarily due to the development of so many correctional technologies. The kind of inmate communication services available today was previously thought to be impossible, but thanks to the research and development carried out by companies like Securus Technologies, new correctional products and services are regularly introduced.


One of the latest products to be introduced in the inmate communication sector is the video visitation service that would help the inmates to remain in contact with their loved ones. It would also ensure that the family and friends of the inmates do not have to travel all the way to the prison regularly to meet the inmate. It is because video visitation allows the inmates and the family members to see each other, which helps in visual communication just like meeting each other. The family members save a lot of money that they otherwise spend on traveling to prison with this new video visitation service.


I have been using the services of Securus Technologies for many years and feel that their products are one of the most efficient available in the industry. The company has a comprehensive product line and have also managed to keep the prices of its products low for the inmates. Moreover, new products and services are added by Securus Technologies from time to time, which has helped in advancing the correctional industry further. I feel that the company has made tremendous contributions in modernizing the incarceration experience for the inmates as well as the on-duty experience of the law enforcement officers.


The correctional industry has been growing rapidly in the last few years, and it is primarily due to the efforts made by companies like Securus Technologies. The company understands the importance of technology in the correctional sphere and is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that the inmates get the best products and services to sustain the incarceration.


Dr. Akhil Reddy dedication to MB2 Dental Solutions

MB2 Dental Solutions Dallas-based is an organization that provides dental services through partnering with affiliated dental practitioners and the private independent owners. The experts are equipped with the tools and resources to enable them to handle the patients thoroughly. MB2 Dental sustain and operate on a 100% clinical autonomy basis. The organization has a professional team of managers who are equipped with knowledge and expertise on handling the non-clinical operations on behalf of the affiliated dentists. Doctors are relieved the non-clinical tasks enabling them to concentrate on their profession and spend more time learning on how to improve dental health care.

Therefore, MB2 Dental Solutions is a management based entity privately owned by dentists who have partnered to improve the decision-making process as well as service delivery. The organization also is well equipped with resources and dental information through research aimed at empowering the affiliated dentists. The non-clinical services provided by the firm include compliance, accounting, finance, business management, credentialing, procurement, and training. As a dentist, MB2 requires you to pay attention to your dental practices and leave the rest to be handled by the management.

MB2 Dental Solution has grown to be an extensive legal entity with 70 locations in the six states. The company is not only famous for handling the non-clinical work but also has abundant information on dental care and a networking platform where affiliated doctors can share ideas with one another. The success of the MB2 has been made easier by having a significant and experienced doctor like Dr. Akhil Reddy.

Dr. Akhil Reddy is an affiliate dental medic at MB2 Dental Solution. He was born and raised in Lubbock, Texas. Dr. Akhil Reddy had passion for dentistry, and at his tender age, he was poised to Accelerated Dental Program by the University of the Pacific where he received B.S in Biological Sciences and Doctorate in Dental Surgery at the age of 23 years. After his school life, he settled in Dallas, Texas and started a clinical dental practice. Reddy is a partner dentist at West Lovers Dental and a member of California Dental Association. He provides orthodontic dentistry, porcelain veneers placement, cosmetic dentistry and dental implants.

As an entrepreneur, he guides people on how to select the wine brands. He urges that there are exceptional inexpensive wines and all you need to know is where to look and find the right kind. He said French wine is known for its rich scent and taste. Quality wine requires time, high-grade grapes and fermenting mastery the reason that makes French wine to be on the higher notch. Reddy like being a wine connoisseur when he is not practicing dentistry.

Eric Lefkofsky Fight against Cancer

In the attempt to fight cancer Eric Lefkofsky co-founded Tempus, a technology-based company, building an operating system to battle cancer. In 2006 he established Lefkofsky family foundation. He was supported with his wife Liz, to advance significant activities within the organization. He works as the trustee of Lurie Children’s Hospital that is based Chicago. He is also the board of chairman of Chicago’s Steppenwolf theater company. He is a co-founder of Lightbank which funds disruptive technologies. Eric is graduated from the University of Michigan with his Juris Doctor from the law school.

Reentry cancer has been a menace to society in the American population, the number of people expected to be affected by cancer is projected to be on the rise. However, the massive leaps made by Tempus towards the fight gives hope. In an unfortunate event, Eric’s wife suffered from best cancer, this gave him a first-hand experience, he realized that there was a huge gap between data collection and digital technology and thus despite the efforts, there has never been streamlining the information to make it more useful. The technology he developed, EHRs is more updated to the quick development in the fight for cancer.

Tempus developed a technology that analyzes cancer patient’s clinical and molecular data, although medical data was hard to acquire, the company developed software for the analytics. There was a challenge in the way the cancer information had been kept and to remedy this, the organization developed software that includes a natural language capable of processing optical and recognition abilities. The hardcopy notes were eventually transformed into useful data to enhance development.

Information gathered during genomic information gathering is the basis of molecular data collected. The process was expensive at the initial stages, but with the improvement of technology, it has become more affordable. The human genes contain information that is important in determining the cause of cancer, this study is essential towards the success of Tempus. With more molecular data being gathered, comparing and analyzing the information may unlock information that may help fight cancer. With the Tempus technology, doctors will be able to pair to administer cancer patients with the right treatment, the doctors will be able to make real-time procedure due to the continuous updating of the database. Tempus headquarters are located in Chicago.

The Amazing Growth of NuoDB Software

NuoDB is a database group founded in 2008 by founders Barry S Morris and Jim Starkey in Cambridge Massachusetts. The company started up through venture capitalism of $12 million; this was previously after Jim Starkey had filed a patent for “elastically scalable database.” The company further received funding of $14.2 million from Morgenthaler Ventures, Hummer Winblad venture partners and Longworth ventures in 2014. Barry the company CEO became the executive chairman in July 2015, and Walmsley became the CEO.as per the year 2016 the firm had managed to raise $59.7 million in funding.

The software by NuoDB is SQL encrypted serves for distributed deployment in the cloud. It retains characters of old SQL systems while supporting other processing in the cloud system. Other programs communicate with the software the same way they do with the relational database and separate database for transaction reliability. The NuoDB software is different from the others in that it uses a three-tier structure with administrative, transactional and storage structures. This process ensures that the system works without coupling an application and its data on a hard drive which is efficient in the cloud system.

NuoDB database foundation is on a durable distributable cache that utilizes in-memory caches to support cloud style elasticity while providing data objects safety in storage. It uses elements of object-related and message-oriented distributed computing processes principally a peer to peer communication system.

21st Century Winemaking

Julia JacksonAs the old saying goes, “the more things change, the more things say the same.” This notion rings true in real life and especially for certain circumstances. Change is good and change is inevitable. If you don’t evolve with the times then you’ll get left behind. Winemaking has been around for centuries. This process takes place on just about every continent other than Antarctica. One of the very best economical brands on the market today is known as Jackson Family Wines. This company is revolutionizing the industry thanks to its great business practices, and its great quality of wines.Barbara Banke, and her late husband Jess Jackson founded the company back in the early 1980s. Jess Jackson was a wine extraordinaire as he had a firm understanding of soils and climates. Barbara handled more of the savvy business work.Julia Jackson

The couple, and their children have been working the grounds of California’s Santa Maria Valley for up to 30 years. With such growth, Jackson Family Wines have expanded into Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Julia Jackson, the youngest daughter of the couple, has helped take the company to new levels. She serves as a representative and as a proprietor. Thanks to her studio art degree from Scripps College, Julia has been able to use those skills in designing the company’s bottle art work as well as the design of the company’s website. Julia Jackson’s “Seeds of Empowerment” foundation serves the community, and it annually donates hundreds of thousands of dollars. Jackson Family Wines is still looking to expand when the time is right. As of now, its Chardonnay, Merlot and Pinot Noir wines are on many individuals shopping lists. This is the blueprint to success in winemaking industry. Though the company’s ability to expand has enhanced over time, its core principles have remained the same.

Orange Coast College Rows Into A Chance For A Potential Twelfth National Title

Most community colleges have an almost laughable presence. They get treated as a “starter” colleges where students go to get their college basics out of the way before moving on to a “reputable” four year college. Well, that is not the case with Orange Coast College (OCC) and especially not for those in the rowing program. In the past sixty years, OCC has won the the national rowing title a staggering eleven times. This year OCC was looking to add a 12th national title to the boathouse wall.


Rowing is not an easy sport. It’s backbreaking work and requires all rowers to be in synchronicity with each other, which requires hours of grueling practice. Rowing is not for the faint of heart. The program at OCC breeds some of the best rowers in the country. OCC has 10 rowers that have moved on to the world competition level, just as good as a prestigious four year university. And the rowers say the sport has built their self esteem and given them goals to accomplish after moving on from college.


Part of this never give in mentality comes from the college itself. OCC was built on part of a defunct Army base in 1947, right after World War 2. College football players made up most of the construction crew and were paid to help renovate the old Army buildings into passable facilities for college attendees. Since this time the building has undergone major renovation in the 1970’s and more recently in 2015.


OCC serves 25,000 college students a semester and has a full roster of academic classes and sporting teams for an overall great college experience. OCC is a commuter school with no permanent housing, but this hasn’t held the school back from being ranked 65th out of 5,000 community colleges across the country for awarding Associates degrees. To read more about OCC, please click here.