Houston Cultural Map

Dynamic and noted designer DeJuan Stroud is taking to the road! He is heading off to Houston to share some of his best design secrets, promote his upcoming book titled “Designing Life’s Celebrations,” and maybe provide some tips for others that he used for some of his best celebrity clients such as Donald Trump and […]

Ross Abelow will Give Good Advice

For many people, it is necessary to get a lawyer for their protection when they need one. This can be due to a variety of reasons. Many people can run into trouble from time to time. They might not understand what they need to do in order to correct the problems that they might have. […]

Venezuela’s Power Crisis

Venezuela is facing electricity shortages for what they indicate is due to the impact of El Niño the cyclical storm that throws strange weather patterns into effect throughout south and North America. Since Venezeula gets approximately 75% of its energy from hydroelectric plants, changes in the weather due to a storm like El Nino has […]

George Soros Is Standing Up For Refugees

George Soros was talking to The New York Review of Books about how refugees are streaming through Europe, but he did not want to talk about the fear that some people feel over the way that people are coming in from the middle east. George Soros is a billionaire who understands how to spend responsibly, […]

The Longevity of Laidlaw & Company

Laidlaw & Company is an investment banking firm that has managed to become one of the longest running organizations according to PR Newswire in financial history. This company has been around for more than 170 years, and this speaks volumes about the quality the work that these employees perform. The company has long legacy on […]

George Soros Proposes 6-Point Plan To Help EU Address The Asylum Crisis

Billionaire philanthropist and financier George Soros is calling on the European Union to implement a comprehensive plan to address the increasingly urgent alysum crisis, urging member states to work together rather than focusing on their own interests. In a September 29 Marketwatch article Soros said the EU’s failure to develop a common asylum policy has […]

Unlimited Lime Crime, Colors In Full Swing

Every feel that the colors in stores are not as vibrant as the clothing or hair colors now available? Never fear Lime Crime is here! Finally a company is here that can address those color needs none other seems to touch. Lime Crime gives the consumer the ability to explore fun new colors that are […]