23 Layers of Style and Elegance

Jessica of the New York event design company Twenty Three Layers knew exactly where to look when she wanted to plan the best birthday party ever so her son Teddy. Herself! Twenty Three Layers is an event planning company in NYC. They put all their time and effort into making sure that every event they […]

Marc Sparks: The Strive for Social Innovation

Marc Sparks is a famous entrepreneur that is widely known for his success in the business world and with other ventures he has taken on throughout his life. One of his most popular creations is derived as a positive spin on a regularly viewed program. We have all heard of the Shark Tank, but Sparks […]

Wen By Chaz Works!

Do you struggle with your fine hair? Do you wish you could work wonders with your hair even on it’s roughest days? Do you struggle with people asking you how they can achieve hair? You’re not alone. There are thousands of women each year who struggle with their fine hair and find it unmanageable. Often […]

JustFab Releases A New Plus Size Line

The JustFab plus size line was reported in The Curvy Fashionista, and it is a very important look at the way that women are dressing today. Women are getting more and more chances to embrace their bodies, and JustFab is making sure that they are giving women a way to dress that is going to […]

Venezuela’s Abysmal Oil Production

Things are getting more financially abysmal for Venezuela all the time. The once abundant oil producer, is seeing a rapid slowing of production and the face value of its notes falling billions of dollars constantly. Right now the oil production in Venezuela is down 188,000 barrels. The country is so bad off that it is […]

A Flower For Every Party

What does it take to throw an epically memorable party? According to DeJuan Stroud, who has planned some major events, environment, elements to hold attention and lighting are three major parts of the party planning process. Mr. Stroud has great vision, passion and has first hand experience bringing people together. Telling Culture Map recently, “Number […]

Houston Cultural Map

Dynamic and noted designer DeJuan Stroud is taking to the road! He is heading off to Houston to share some of his best design secrets, promote his upcoming book titled “Designing Life’s Celebrations,” and maybe provide some tips for others that he used for some of his best celebrity clients such as Donald Trump and […]

Ross Abelow will Give Good Advice

For many people, it is necessary to get a lawyer for their protection when they need one. This can be due to a variety of reasons. Many people can run into trouble from time to time. They might not understand what they need to do in order to correct the problems that they might have. […]

Venezuela’s Power Crisis

Venezuela is facing electricity shortages for what they indicate is due to the impact of El Niño the cyclical storm that throws strange weather patterns into effect throughout south and North America. Since Venezeula gets approximately 75% of its energy from hydroelectric plants, changes in the weather due to a storm like El Nino has […]